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* Like Breathing by AngelMoon Girl Story PG NCIS  
It figured, that they would be the type to go about this all completely and utterly backwards. But Tony isn't afraid, because he knows now, what it is to openly love and commit to another person... or two.
* Rule Breaker by AngelMoon Girl Story G NCIS  
Tony kills time waxing philosophical with Ziva at the annual NCIS Christmas party. "What can I say? I'm a natural born rule breaker."
* Stop Running by AngelMoon Girl Story PG NCIS  
Because sometimes, what happens under the watchful eyes of the Eiffel Tower has a way of following unsuspecting agents home. Sometimes, breaking a rule brings unexpected consequences and carefully hidden truths out into the open.
* Undone by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 NCIS  
"I can do the math, Ziva." Tags to Patriot Down.

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