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Rating:G Created:2006-08-31
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Building a new world, a new hope for life on earth, always means relinquishing something else. That price, paid both for the sake of mankind and for each other, requires more than Usagi and Mamoru ever thought they'd have to give....

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Review by bin82501 2011-10-27

loved the characterizations
Review by PromiseMe 2007-05-18

That was a very good story,Very good. I liked how it really seemed like it could happen unlike so many other Crystal Tokyo stories. I think this one is one of the best I've read so far. The only thing is if their love is so strong don't you think they would have talked to each other? In the Anime and Manga Usagi and Mamoru both tell the other everything eventually. So other than the fact that I believe they would have talked about it I really enjoyed this story.
Review by December 2007-02-16

First, I want to say that the story was beautiful in a sad way. This is what happens when people don't communicate about what they are really feeling. You do have to wonder how long they can keep it up, though.

In terms of characterization, which you mentioned as a concern in the review request thread, I actually think you were pretty dead on. Parts of them were still Usagi and Mamoru, but they had to grow, change and struggle in roles that they might not have chosen for themse... (more)

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