This website was once an interactive community, where artists and authors could share and comment on their various fan works. For almost 10 years, it served the creators of any fandom that chose to join us.

In January 2015, the site began to experience recurring errors and broken functions. No matter how many times I repaired it, within days it was down again. I was forced to conclude that we were being targeted by persistent hackers. I'm not an expert. I don't have the skills to defend against repeated attacks, nor do I have the time to repair the site over and over again only to have it broken again almost immediately. Sadly, I had to make the decision to end the days of .moon as an active site.

When this archive first opened, I promised its members that I would never leave the site unusable or take it down. I have set up the current incarnation of .moon as a means of accessing the existing collection, so the works that were submitted will remain available to view. But the site will be static from now on. For those whose works are archived here, I will provide a method of contacting me to have your materials updated or removed if you so desire. Aside from that, there will be no changes, but this site will remain online as long as I have the means to pay the hosting bills.

Building, running, and participating in this community will always remain one of my fondest memories. I wish I could've done better for it and for everyone else who enjoyed it.

-Dejana, 6/14/2015


The community was founded in 2005. It is currently a static archive.
The current design and source code were created by Dejana Talis.
All works in the archive are copyrighted to their respective creators.