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* A Meal for the Arrancar by magicsmith Story PG13 Bleach  
Orihime Inoue cooks for the Arrancar with the unwilling assistance of Ulquiorra. The reaction to her cooking disappoints Orihime.
A Walk in the Park by magicsmith Story R Bleach  
Ichigo asks Orihime to walk with him through the park. She accepts hoping he will declare his feelings for her. Pre Soul Society Arc.
* Be Gentle by magicsmith Story R Bleach  
While staying with Urahara, Renji is subjected to some unnatural demands from the shopkeeper.
Orihime’s Groundhog Day by magicsmith Story R Bleach  
Orihime declares for love for Ichigo while they are studying together. Problems result from the declaration leading to Orihime making an interesting decision.
Zanpakuto by magicsmith Story PG13 Bleach  
Zaraki decides it is time to learn the name of his Zanpakuto in an effort to become stronger. It doesn't work out as he expected.
What Am I To You? by rurouni_kenshinxkaoru Story PG13 Bleach  
Karin is left in the human world wondering what Hitsugaya thinks of her. This question continues to run through her mind but when something life changing happens, she is never the same again.

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