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* Gemini Swapped by Cheshlin Story G Harry Potter  
Fred and George have been experimenting with some disguising potions. Things get weird when one of their experiments swap their bodies, instead of disguising them.
* Ghost in the Shadows by cwiddy Poem G Original Fiction  
free-form poem dealing with relationships... how sometimes someone can feel like the other doesn’t see him/her
* Ghost of a Chance by Nephthys Moon Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Hermione finds more than she bargains for during the long days of solitude in Grimmauld Place.
* Ghosts of the past by regie Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Memories from the past unveil an amazing story of love and tragedy that still haunts the present.
* Ghosts of Youth by Nephthys Moon Story PG Harry Potter  
Ginny returns to a place of good memories to try to exorcise demons of the past.
* Gift Anxiety by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Fruits Basket  
White Day is fast approaching, and Yuki is on a mission to find the perfect gift for Tohru.
* Gift From Pegasus: A Stargate Atlantis fanfiction by Loki Story PG Stargate Atlantis  
Dr. Rodney Mckay learns that his much loved niece has cancer, but he wants to give her something special and the SGA and SGC come up with the perfect gift for young Amaranthine for her 12th birthday, the ultimate present, a trip to Atlantis!
* Gift from the Heart by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Fruits Basket  
For Mii's birthday, Ritsu surprises her with a special gift.
* Gilded Cage by regie Story PG Twelve Kingdoms  
After defeating Jyoei and finally claiming back her kingdom, Youko takes a moment to reflect at the foot of her throne what it means to be a ruler.
* Girls Don't Cry by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako has always been a very child like character... But in truth, she knows that she stopped being a child far too soon.
Contest Entry * Glass Clover Houses by Vayleen Story PG13 Veronica Mars  
Parker Lee was still trying to deal with the aftermath.
* Go On Dreaming by Nephthys Moon Story PG Sailormoon  
PGSM-centric. Even though Zoisite knows that his place is not beside her, she is still the last one he thinks of.
Contest Winner * Go Wrong by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Dexter  
Was I destined to go wrong? Was losing my soul, my conscience one of the things that could go wrong, so it had to go wrong? Was the birth of my darkness inevitable? I hope so. I don’t like to think of a life where I’m anything but a monster. It’s just easier.
* Going Back by h_vic Story G Harry Potter  
It’s a small town; bad news travels fast... Spinners End was not somewhere Lily Potter had ever had any intention of returning, but then she’d always tended to put others’ needs above her own, and familiar habits are hard to shake when it comes to old friends.
* Golden Afternoon by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
It is mentioned in canon that Queen Serenity's original intention was for her daughter and the Sailor Soldiers to live peaceful, happy lives on Earth. As we know, the resurgence of the Dark Kingdom made such a life impossible. What would have happened to the five girls, had they not awakened as soldiers? Where would their lives have led them? Would...
* Golden Eyes by Heavenly Pearl Vignette G Sailormoon  
Chibi-Usa loves Helios' golden eyes.
* Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica by JuJube Story PG13 Sailormoon  
The story detailing the fall of the galaxy's greatest Sailor Soldier.
* Gone Again by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Once upon a time, he had her heart. Now all he has is a bouquet of crushed lillies and a life he wishes would disappear.
* Good Bye by Lady Yue Story PG13 Inuyasha  
The hardest thing about death is not the dying, but saying good bye to your loved ones.
* Good Bye by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
My last good bye to my love.
* Good Neighbors by superkate Story PG13 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  
Nick Stokes moves in next door, and Bobby finds himself facing a wall.
* Good Things Still Happen by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
There are a lot of bad memories housed between the sterile walls.
* Good versus Evil by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
Haiku about Harry and Lord Voldemort
* Good-Bye by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
The final thoughts of Aunt Petunia as she leaves her home and her nephew behind.
* Goodbye to You by Bella*Luna Story PG Sailormoon  
Makoto makes peace with the death of her family.
* Grave Secrets (with No Graves) by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako finds something she shouldn't in Mamoru's apartment.
* Greed of a King by cwiddy Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Balshazzar is searching for a way to stand up to Daniel. To what extend will he go to preserve his kingdom?
* Green Bird Eulogy by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Cowboy Bebop  
The air seems filled with whirling crystal, shining violet in the dying sunlight. At the center of it all is a large, dark figure, surrounded by sparkling glass fragments. My breath catches in my throat. It is a man, a tall thin man, his brown coat rippling around him as he falls toward the flagstones below. His long, angular limbs flail weakl...
* Guide to Paradise by silverstarlet Story G Sailormoon  
Perhaps it was his charisma, or perhaps it was his gallantry, there was something about Nicholai Richardson that intrigued her, and called out to her soul.
* Guilty by -symphonic.requiem- Vignette G Megami Kouhosei  
Post-"Death". Gareas POV. His feelings on Ernest’s death.

* Hail to the Kings by Jessica Pendragon Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Assortment of stories written about the Shitennou for SM_Monthly's December challenge.
* hail to the queen. by Sokudo Ningyou Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Sometimes, making amends only makes things worse.
Contest Winner * Hallows of a Past Life by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
What if, instead of being kidnapped, Darien died the night Serena was revealed as the Moon Princess? This one shot provides a glimpse fifteen years into the future, where a haunted and guilt-ridden Serena performs her yearly tradition of visiting Darien's grave. This time, her last, she decides to leave behind a memento to honor the sacrifice of th...
Hands Fall Together by Kihin Ranno Story R Sailormoon  
What if the simplest detail could mean the difference between living and dying? What if the time you got up, the people you met, the things you did, the words you said could change your life forever? What if you weren't sure whether or not those changes were good? What if Usagi hadn't been the only one late that day?
Hands Fall Together - Lost Scenes by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Certain snippets of life can't always be included in the story. Scenes cut from the already grandiose epic, "Hands Fall Together."
* Happily Ever After by mrsmcclnt Story PG13 Harry Potter  
There is only one reason why Peter Pettigrew did what he did.
* Happily Ever After by phenomenon Story PG Harry Potter  
In the midst of the woods, a clearing is visible, occupied by a small, secluded cottage, covered in the glistening snow. A wrought iron fence encloses the frostbitten garden, but in the back, the gate has been left open. A single line of footprints mark a path from the back of the house, through this gate, and towards an ice-covered trio of headsto...
* Happiness in an instant, not yet gone by blue Vignette G Sailormoon  
Royalty in disguise
* Hard Loss by h_vic Story PG13 Harry Potter  
For Oliver Wood, Quidditch is everything, or almost, and he has never taken to failure well. So, when the biggest game of his career doesn’t go to plan, it takes someone who cares about more than just his skill on a broom to make him see that there is more to life than Quidditch.
* Harry by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
Tanka and Acrostic about Harry
* Harry and Ginny by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
Haiku about Harry and Ginny
Harry Potter and the Power of Agape by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Harry's sixth year is tormented by Voldemort's decision that his time is up. Bleeding scars, a new DADA teacher, Occlumency with Dumbledore, Snape's loss of spy status due to a rescue gone wrong, and the prophecy are just a few of the trials in store... Please read Author's Comments before proceeding.
Harry Potter and the Skat-Hatokha Reaction by OliveOil_Med Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Harry's life is quiet now. He has a loving wife, a beautiful son, a career along side his best friend, and everything else he could ever want and never imagine having. But now, his career as an Auror will lead both him and Ron halfway around the world to investigate a mysterious school known only as the Skat-Hatokha Academy of Magic. But from ...
Hated For Loving by December Story PG13 Original Fiction  
Dark & light, mysterious & innocent, tortured hero & saving heroine are contrasts are often paired together. That the dark, mysterious tortured one is female & the light, innocent, saving character is male is what makes this story different. Is falling in love something a professor can plan or does it happen in spite of what others attempt to a...
* Haunted By You by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Harry Potter  
Is it still me that makes you sweat? / Am I who you think about in bed? / When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking as you're sliding off your dress?
* Have You Ever by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako asks Yaten a question she already knows the answer to.
* Hawk's Eye View by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Sailormoon  
Hawkseye is known for his taste in older women, but what happens when he falls for a certain timeless beauty?
* Haze by Starsea Vignette G Sailormoon  
Michiru contemplates the artistic value of cigarette smoke. Written for the sm_montly LJ community "Cigarette" challenge.
* Heart to An Arrow by Loki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
When the Senshi and Shitennou decide to have a little R and R, Rei and Minako steal the show, much to the delight of all.
* Heaven and Earth: The Path to Crystal Tokyo by PhoenixStAr Story PG Sailormoon  
Just as the Senshi grow up and settle into every day lives complete with careers and responsibilities, events are set into motion for Crystal Tokyo to be built. But can they find the Shitennou and the Golden Crystal in time to save the world from Darkness first? (UsaMamo and possible Senshi/Shitennou)
* Help Me, Maiden by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Sailormoon  
Helios receives a vision of a beautiful maiden who just might be the one who can save him and Elysion from the evil Queen Nehelenia.
* Her Favorite Color by Jessica Pendragon Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Red was her favorite color...
* Her Light, Dancing by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
He couldn't sleep, so he went walking. That's when he found her with the dancing light.
* Her Over Me? by December Vignette PG Fruits Basket  
A minor character reflects on a recent rejection. Set in volume 13 of the manga
* Her Own Personal Nightmare by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
JunJun wants more than anything to return to her dream, no matter how infuriating, because anything is better than this place. Her own personal nightmare.
* Hermione’s Trolls by MithrilQuill Story G Harry Potter  
Hermione faces her second Troll. But it's never really the Troll that's what you do with it...
* Hide and Seek in Cemeteries by Kihin Ranno Story PG Sailormoon  
When you’re a child, you don’t really understand death. Even when you lose someone when you’re young, you never really understand the permanence of death until you’re much older. I learned what death was when I was fourteen and the man I loved died in my arms.
* High Flying, Adored by swayinginlights Story PG Sailormoon  
The coronation of Queen Lady Serenity through the eyes of one quiet guardian.
* His Muse: A Wizarding Tale about a Desperate Housewife by mrsmcclnt Story R Harry Potter  
It started as a simple research for his new book and another opportunity to increase his fortune. Never would he have believed to fall in love on the way. She was so different from other women he knew, so true. He couldn’t just let her disappear from his life. He had to be with her. No matter what.
* Hogwarts by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
Acrostic Poem about Hogwarts
* Holding On by Taking Back the City Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Twenty years after the Final Battle, four friends return to Hogwarts.
* Holding Sacred by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
She's asked him something with a specific purpose, but he doesn't know what she wants to hear.
* Holdridge the Garden Gnome by Nephthys Moon Story G Harry Potter  
A day in the life of a garden gnome
* Hole in Donut by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Veronica Mars  
The origins of Duncan Kane's nicknames, and its ending.
* Hollow Victory by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
It was a celebration, but they didn
* Homecoming by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
After his death at the hands of Sailor Jupiter, Nephrite was finally free to bring closure to someone he'd left behind.
* Honor Bound by Ravyn Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
Determined to serve her village, Kaoru Kamiya volunteers herself as a king’s hostage. What she doesn’t expect is to be tangled in an intricate plot between bloodmages, kings, and a man unlike any she has ever met.
* Hope by Nephthys Moon Story PG13 Harry Potter  
A collection of stories about Oliver and Hermione, all focusing on the theme of Hope.
Hope and Memory by HighTime Story R Avatar: The Last Airbender  
Under Lake Laogai, there are many corridors, but only two of them lead to caverns large enough to hold a flying bison. On the day when the avatar entered the Lake Laogai facility, he and his companions, on the advice of a brainwashed freedom fighter, chose the wrong corridor. What if they hadn't? What if it was Zuko who walked into the trap the Da...
* Hope in the Night by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
Ginny Weasley is tormented by her feelings as she worries about Harry.
* Hospital Mayhem, Protect the Pure Heart of a Doctor by sailorgallifrey Story PG13 Crossover  
As two prestigious American doctors arrive at Juuban's hospital and begin working alongside Ami's mother, what kind of trouble will they attract with the Witches 5 and what will the girls discover about them?
* Hurt by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Naru has to fixate in order to keep on what could make her go crazy.
* Husband and Wife by cwiddy Vignette G Harry Potter  
Nicholas Flamel and Perenelle get married.
* Hyperbole by Nephthys Moon Vignette G Avatar: The Last Airbender  
Iroh knew his nephew was prone to exaggeration
Hyuuga’s Rival by Norma Lizeth Story R Naruto  
Hinata finds her rival.A girl from the clan that is rival from hers that arrives to the village after 30 years of been hidden.They are different& very alike and mostly when it comes on getting certain blonde’s attention

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