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* Absolution by regie Story R Madlax  
A close call after a mission will force a decision that has been lingering between the mistakes of the past and the promise of the future. Sequel to "Atonement - The Great Divide"
* Atonement ~ The Great Divide ~ by regie Story PG13 Madlax  
After months of living together, former Gazth-Sonika Elite Guard LT Limelda Jorg meditates on the past, the present and the challenge of living life with the burden of terrible sins weighting in on her new life.
* Taking over me by regie Story PG13 Madlax  
After her Commander was slain before her own eyes, Elite Guard lieutenant Limelda Jorg swore she would find and defeat the agent responsible. Little did she suspect how much that chance encounter would change her life.

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