The Gallery: Alphabetical by Artist
An asterisk(*) denotes a completed piece.

* Kaname Chidori by InukiTenchi pencil and sketchpaper G Full Metal Panic!  
Kaname Chidori, the 'whispered' girl from Full Metal Panic!
* Inuki~Chan~2007 by InukiTenchi pencil G Original  
It's just an art of my avatar on gaiaonline. =]
* Me and Markky by InukiTenchi pencil and sketch paper G Original  
Just chibi's of me and my best friend Mark.

* Toph Bei Fong by Jessi Digital PG Avatar: The Last Airbender  
Toph Bei Fong, all grown up.
* Come Hither by Jessi Digital R Original  
Fairly self-evident, I think. XD
* By Moonlight by Jessi Digital PG Princess Tutu  
The amount these two had me squealing like a twelve year old girl is truly ridiculous. PG for shirtless!Fakir.
* Hino Rei by Jessi Digital PG13 Sailormoon  
Here we have Rei Hino drawn in a more realistic style.
* Mogami Kyoko by Jessi Digital G Skip Beat!  
Mogami Kyoko, Skip Beat.

* Wistful by Kats Printer paper, regular pen G Sailormoon  
Fan art for Cher's fic
* Kimurenguin-sensei! by kelleh digital G Azumanga Daioh  
* The Melancholy of Haruhi Fujioka by kelleh digital G Crossover  
A meeting between Suzumiya Haruhi and Fujioka Haruhi goes terribly awry.
Firefly Crew: Inara by kelleh Pencil G Firefly  
Quickie sketch of Inara from Firefly, hopefully the whole crew (and finished) eventually.
* Roy Mustang by kelleh digital G Fullmetal Alchemist  
Roy Mustang in mid-attack
* AMEN by kelleh digital G Hellsing  
Alucard vs. Anderson
* Police Girl by kelleh digital PG Hellsing  
Seras Victoria of Hellsing.
* Kiki into the City by kelleh Colored pencil, ink G Kikis Delivery Service  
From Hayao Miyazaki's "Kiki's Delivery Service," Kiki flying into a new city with poor Jiji clinging for dear life.
Blorange by kelleh Digital PG13 Original  
Sleazy two-tones.
* KISS Assault by kelleh Digital G Original  
TRUE EVENT from Katsucon '05
* Modern Day by kelleh Ink G Original  
Everything but the kitchen sink ;P
* Narutard! by kelleh Digital G Original  
What NOT to do when cosplaying.
* Goddess Hecate by Kihin Ranno Pencil, Colored in Paint Shop G Original  
My interpretation of what the Goddess Hecate might look like as a fairy.

Flower Fairy by Lady Triton pencil G Original  
A fairy sitting on a stem of flowers.
* Kage's Two Tails by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop PG13 Sailormoon  
Kage's softtail and Mako-chan
* Sailor Moon Odeum by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop G Sailormoon  
Comic-style group shot from the fanfiction Sailor Moon Odeum
* Sip of Eternity by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop G Sailormoon  
Take a sip of Eternity - Setsuna and Chronus.
* The Dragon and the King by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop G Sailormoon  
The Dragon and the King cannot share the same love - anyone caught in the middle would surely be torn apart.
* Edward and Winry: Brother Get A Room! by littlelady pencil, colored pencil, pens PG Fullmetal Alchemist  
I love this coupling, it it canon!
* Crystal The Alpha by lluvia Pencil 7mm #2 Mechanical G Original  
You may notice that I am from Deviantart Here's my link to my account ::warning:: I have moved it will say it in my journal.
* Aoi by Lunnaya Pencil G Ai Yori Aoshi  
Aoi from "Ai Yori Aoshi."
* Euphemia by Lunnaya Paper, pencil G Code Geass  
* Deadly Look by Lunnaya Ink G Original  
Sketch of a girl.
* Mako-chan by Lunnaya Paper, pencil, color pencils G Sailormoon  
* Red-lined Usa by Lunnaya Ink G Sailormoon  
A quick thingie in the midst of work.
* Sailor Star Healer by Lunnaya Paper, pencil G Sailormoon  
Sailor Star Healer.
* Sailor V-chan by Lunnaya Pencil and paper G Sailormoon  
Manga Sailor V-chan with a rose.
* Usagi sketch by Lunnaya Ink G Sailormoon  
Sketch of Usagi

No artwork found.

* Vampiric Kakashi by NausicaaWind Pencil PG Naruto  
Fave Naruto Character as a Vampire. Go Kakashi. Woot woot!
* A Twisted Shishio Makato by NausicaaWind Pencil G Rurouni Kenshin  
Shishio Makato

* Chrono Trigger road dot by olesia Acrylic G Chrono Trigger  
The Playable Character cast of the video game Chrono Trigger, painted onto an almost 4" diameter "road dot". Background: Time Portal.
Terra has no scenery by olesia Colored Pencil G Final Fantasy VI  
Terra of Final Fantasy VI (who is obviously partially based off of Rydia from FFIV. Hello!) accompanied by Biggs/Vicks and Wedge of Final Fantasy VI, primarily based off of Star Wars (A New Hope).
* Sesshoumaru road dot by olesia Acrylic G Inuyasha  
A painting of Sesshoumaru from the series Inuyasha, on a road dot.
* Sunset road dot by olesia Acrylic G Original  
A sunset on a road dot, with white silhouettes of people.
* Sailor Mercury road dot by olesia Acrylic G Sailormoon  
It's Sailor Mercury from the Mixx cover of volume SuperS 2. She has a harp. She's on a road dot.
* Courage road dot by olesia Acrylic G The Legend of Zelda  
Link from Legend of Zelda (circa Ocarina of Time)
* The Sound You Never Want to Hear by olesia Acrylic G X-Men  
Acrylic painting of the character Wolverine of the Marvel Universe, from on the cover of the mini-series Meltdown #1.
* Bill and Fleur by OliveOil_Med Pencil G Harry Potter  
This is a pencil drawing of Bill and Fleur. The story I have behind it is that Fleur is finally able to drag Bill out on a walk after his attack. Bill is worried because he thinks Fleur is going to see people react and all her previous noblity will go ri
* First-year Ginny by OliveOil_Med Computer Art G Harry Potter  
This was my first attempt at coloring with GIMP. It's what I envision Ginny looking like as a first-year.

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