General Gallery: Sunset road dot by olesia



Added 2006-11-22


A sunset on a road dot, with white silhouettes of people.

Artist's Comments:

That entire middle section of scenery looked stupid and I did edit it, but I can't update the scan because someone bought the dot. Oh well. It's still pretty.

I thought about making the people look realistic, but decided that having almost mannequins there would make it easier for people to actually identify with the scene.

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Critique by Bella*Luna 2006-11-27

I love the sky, the abstract-ness of the sunset gives it more of a mood than just being a pretty sky.
I agree with you about the people being generic than realistic, makes it easier for the viewer to place themselves in the art.
The tree is a little scary, but in a symbolic way. Like an ominous shadow battling a beautiful light. Depending on how others view it, the people could be battleing the light or fleeing the darkness. I personally always hope for fleeing the darkness...bu... (more)

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