Critiques for Sunset road dot by olesia

Critique by Bella*Luna 2006-11-27

I love the sky, the abstract-ness of the sunset gives it more of a mood than just being a pretty sky.
I agree with you about the people being generic than realistic, makes it easier for the viewer to place themselves in the art.
The tree is a little scary, but in a symbolic way. Like an ominous shadow battling a beautiful light. Depending on how others view it, the people could be battleing the light or fleeing the darkness. I personally always hope for fleeing the darkness...but I'm afraid of the dark
I like it though. Very pretty. Good job.

Artist's response:

Thank you! I always find skies to be really, oddly enough, unwordly, and I'm glad you like it.
Don't be afraid! Darkness and light are really awesome together. (heh. Without shadow, our eyes would probably burn out.)

Thank you for taking the time to critique more of my work!

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