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* A Rose by amy pencil and paper G Original  
Tori Amos holds a rose.
* A True Lady by amy pencil and paper G Original  
Tori Amos
* Girl With Short, Wavy Hair by amy pencil and paper G Original  
A girl sits with her chin rested on her hand.
* Pandora by amy pencil and paper G Original  
This is just a picture of a realistic woman.
* Female Wolf Warrior by Ares Pencil and Sharpie Marker PG13 Original  
None really.. o-O I mean, it's an anthro wolf warrior with a wicked sword and barely any clothing to hide her awesome tattoos and muscular body. What more is there to say?
Contest Winner * Bad Vacation by Bella*Luna Pencil and paper G Original  
My entry to the Summer Contest here at .moon. The theme was vacation. I use pencil and paper to draw the image and shade what I could (I'm horrible at shading). Then, I scanned it into the computer and use Photoshop to remove some troublesome pencil ma
* Eye See You by Bella*Luna Pencil/ink/comp G Original  
Drawn in pencil, red additive done with gel ink, felt tip pen, edited to removed smeared pencil markings.
Contest Winner * Rainy Day by Bella*Luna Pencil, photoshop G Original  
The lyric is from a song by Sara Bareilles and I don't know what it was about the words, but when I heard them this scene was in my head. It was sad and beautiful at the same time. Something was wrong, but there was something calming abo
* Yin-Yang by Dejana Talis Pencil PG13 Original  
Yin and yang, good and evil...
* Inuki~Chan~2007 by InukiTenchi pencil G Original  
It's just an art of my avatar on gaiaonline. =]
* Me and Markky by InukiTenchi pencil and sketch paper G Original  
Just chibi's of me and my best friend Mark.
* Come Hither by Jessi Digital R Original  
Fairly self-evident, I think. XD
Blorange by kelleh Digital PG13 Original  
Sleazy two-tones.
* KISS Assault by kelleh Digital G Original  
TRUE EVENT from Katsucon '05
* Modern Day by kelleh Ink G Original  
Everything but the kitchen sink ;P
* Narutard! by kelleh Digital G Original  
What NOT to do when cosplaying.
* Goddess Hecate by Kihin Ranno Pencil, Colored in Paint Shop G Original  
My interpretation of what the Goddess Hecate might look like as a fairy.
Flower Fairy by Lady Triton pencil G Original  
A fairy sitting on a stem of flowers.
* Crystal The Alpha by lluvia Pencil 7mm #2 Mechanical G Original  
You may notice that I am from Deviantart Here's my link to my account ::warning:: I have moved it will say it in my journal.
* Deadly Look by Lunnaya Ink G Original  
Sketch of a girl.
* Sunset road dot by olesia Acrylic G Original  
A sunset on a road dot, with white silhouettes of people.
* Little Balck Betty by Shadow Lady ink and markers on watercolor paper G Original  
Little girl version of my character Black Betty.
* Suzu by Solarmoon Photoshop 7.0 G Original  
This is what I did for a friend's contest on Deviantart, it's her sister's original character Suzu, her magical power is Snow. Leo owns the character NOT ME....I just own the artwork lol
* Deicide of Helios by Tranquiliala Tempera G Original  
One minute-ish reaction to some song. The world fell apart when Helios descended.
* Embers by Tranquiliala Pencil G Original  
Words from Utada's "Kremlin Dusk"
* Monuments of Grace by Tranquiliala Pen G Original  
A pretty waste of ink.
Contest Winner * Tanabata: Infinity by Tranquiliala Pencil G Original  
O Tanabata o tanabata how long these two lover have been separated. La la la la la la la la la.

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