General Gallery: Bad Vacation by Bella*Luna

Medium:Pencil and paper


Added 2007-09-03

  2007 Summer Challenge Winner (Theme: Vacation)


My entry to the Summer Contest here at .moon. The theme was vacation. I use pencil and paper to draw the image and shade what I could (I'm horrible at shading). Then, I scanned it into the computer and use Photoshop to remove some troublesome pencil ma

Artist's Comments:

I WON! Holy crap. It is so awesome to win at something that you aren't very good at (or at least you think you aren't good at).

Originally I was thinking something about a kite and some kids on Summer Vacation on the side of a big green hill and a windy day...but then life got in the way and I wound up having way less time than I thought I would. So then I thought this idea up. It was really easy to draw, kinda difficult to get right. It amused me to think about it as a bad vacation; a family on a trip gets stranded on an island, you see it in Disney a lot...

It was fun to make, I'm glad that you guys liked it. ^.^

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