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* Birth of a warrior by regie Story PG Soul Calibur  
A humble daughter of a baker becomes the chosen warrior. The young girl received an oracle and a mission: to find and destroy a cursed weapon. A little story on how Sophitia Alexandra became the warrior of the gods.
* Blessed by regie Vignette PG13 Soul Calibur  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: religion (blessings)
* Blood Ties by regie Story PG13 Soul Calibur  
After a long and anguished search, Sophitia finally finds her sister Cassandra. How will the younger Alexandra sibling react to this?
* Chosen by regie Vignette PG13 Soul Calibur  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: moods (ecstatic)
As the Lightning falls by YF-21 Story PG13 Soul Calibur  
Overwhelmed by sorrow and despair, Sophitia receives an offer she canĀ“t refuse. Please read and review.

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