Vignette Collection: Blessed by regie

Fandom:Soul Calibur Rating:PG13
Created:2006-04-29 Modified:2006-04-29
Summary:genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: religion (blessings)

“Cassandra, you shouldn't make fun of your sister's devotion or beliefs” her parents had chided her in countless occasions when she had questioned her sister's almost blind obedience to a god no one had seen but her. When Sophitia had left her home armed with weapons she claimed were a gift from the forge god Hephaestus, she had thought she had gone insane for good. Sophitia had managed to miraculously return barely hanging on to life, but that didn't stop her from leaving home a second time.

“The gods' blessings will be with me Cassie” the elder Alexandra sibling had affirmed as she donned armor and travel clothes again. This time she had returned unharmed, ready to become a wife and mother and everyone had believed this would put an end to her “sacred” quests.

Now, as she held her elder sister's injured body while rushing towards the nearest town, Cassandra wondered what favors the fickle gods had really granted her sister this time around. Her sister's children waited for her mother to return and
liberate them of the taint of Soul Edge that had been impregnated to them from the evil sword's shards in her own body. Her parents had waved both daughters goodbye not knowing if they were going to return. Cassandra watched in horror how the blood kept gushing from her sister's wound. With a voice drenched in fear and rage, she mumbled:

“Sophie, I'm sorry. I'm afraid you've finally ran out of blessings."

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