The Gallery: Alphabetical by Title
An asterisk(*) denotes a completed piece.

* A Rose by amy pencil and paper G Original  
Tori Amos holds a rose.
* A True Lady by amy pencil and paper G Original  
Tori Amos
* A Twisted Shishio Makato by NausicaaWind Pencil G Rurouni Kenshin  
Shishio Makato
* Amazon Power aka "Power" by EbonyRabbit colored pencil, pen, some digital background R Sailormoon  
What if the Amazon Quartet became senshi in the anime?
* AMEN by kelleh digital G Hellsing  
Alucard vs. Anderson
* ANBU Sakura by blue Tablet, Photoshop, Pencil, Paper PG13 Naruto  
Sakura knows there're benefits to being the teacher's pet...
* Aoi by Lunnaya Pencil G Ai Yori Aoshi  
Aoi from "Ai Yori Aoshi."
* Arisugawa Juri by amy pencil and paper, PSP G Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Juri rests her head on her hand while wearing a white blouse and her locket.
* Art is a bang! by PsychoxKillerxFreak Pen, Pencil, Colored Pencil PG13 Naruto  
Shirtless Deidara!

Contest Winner * Bad Vacation by Bella*Luna Pencil and paper G Original  
My entry to the Summer Contest here at .moon. The theme was vacation. I use pencil and paper to draw the image and shade what I could (I'm horrible at shading). Then, I scanned it into the computer and use Photoshop to remove some troublesome pencil ma
* Better Days by surrenderdammit Easy PaintTool SAI G Rurouni Kenshin  
Kenshin and Kaoru in an AU.
* Bill and Fleur by OliveOil_Med Pencil G Harry Potter  
This is a pencil drawing of Bill and Fleur. The story I have behind it is that Fleur is finally able to drag Bill out on a walk after his attack. Bill is worried because he thinks Fleur is going to see people react and all her previous noblity will go ri
Blorange by kelleh Digital PG13 Original  
Sleazy two-tones.
* Bontenmaru by yog_live ink G Samurai Deeper Kyo  
profile shot
* Broken Hearted by amy paper, pencil PG Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Juri lies on the floor, her hair flowing free, and tears trickle down her cheeks.
* Busted! by The Marauding Cupcake Digital Art Pad, 2B, watercolor R Harry Potter  
Remus loves to be loved... But hates to be caught! Someone left the Quidditch pitch early, but caught the final score of another sort. Remus is embarrased, but I find the whole thing hilarious!
* By Moonlight by Jessi Digital PG Princess Tutu  
The amount these two had me squealing like a twelve year old girl is truly ridiculous. PG for shirtless!Fakir.

* Charlie Weasley by The Marauding Cupcake Digital Art Pad, 2B G Harry Potter  
The hawtness that is Charlie Weasley. I've always liked him more than Bill... *shrugs*
* Chibi Digi: Kakyuu by Papirini Photoshop G Sailormoon  
* Chrono Trigger road dot by olesia Acrylic G Chrono Trigger  
The Playable Character cast of the video game Chrono Trigger, painted onto an almost 4" diameter "road dot". Background: Time Portal.
* Come Hither by Jessi Digital R Original  
Fairly self-evident, I think. XD
* Courage road dot by olesia Acrylic G The Legend of Zelda  
Link from Legend of Zelda (circa Ocarina of Time)
* Crystal The Alpha by lluvia Pencil 7mm #2 Mechanical G Original  
You may notice that I am from Deviantart Here's my link to my account ::warning:: I have moved it will say it in my journal.

* Deadly Look by Lunnaya Ink G Original  
Sketch of a girl.
* Death and The Puppeteer by blue Pencil then Photoshop PG Sailormoon  
In the end, who's controlling who?
* Deicide of Helios by Tranquiliala Tempera G Original  
One minute-ish reaction to some song. The world fell apart when Helios descended.

* Ed At Eighteen by Dejana Talis Pencil G Cowboy Bebop  
This is my version of how Edward might look all grown up. Drawn by hand in pencil, then scanned and colored in Photoshop.
* Edward and Winry: Brother Get A Room! by littlelady pencil, colored pencil, pens PG Fullmetal Alchemist  
I love this coupling, it it canon!
* Embers by Tranquiliala Pencil G Original  
Words from Utada's "Kremlin Dusk"
* Euphemia by Lunnaya Paper, pencil G Code Geass  
* Eye See You by Bella*Luna Pencil/ink/comp G Original  
Drawn in pencil, red additive done with gel ink, felt tip pen, edited to removed smeared pencil markings.

* Female Wolf Warrior by Ares Pencil and Sharpie Marker PG13 Original  
None really.. o-O I mean, it's an anthro wolf warrior with a wicked sword and barely any clothing to hide her awesome tattoos and muscular body. What more is there to say?
Firefly Crew: Inara by kelleh Pencil G Firefly  
Quickie sketch of Inara from Firefly, hopefully the whole crew (and finished) eventually.
* First-year Ginny by OliveOil_Med Computer Art G Harry Potter  
This was my first attempt at coloring with GIMP. It's what I envision Ginny looking like as a first-year.
Flower Fairy by Lady Triton pencil G Original  
A fairy sitting on a stem of flowers.
* Forever Love by amy pencil PG13 X  
Colored Kamui With Wings
* Fruity Locker by Covenmouse Photoshop G Kingdom Hearts  
---------- Riku was hard to miss, height and broad shoulders and silver hair (and general gorgeousness, not that Sora necessarily took note of this first thing in the morning) aside. He was standing half-concealed by an open locker door wit

* Girl With Short, Wavy Hair by amy pencil and paper G Original  
A girl sits with her chin rested on her hand.
* Goddess Hecate by Kihin Ranno Pencil, Colored in Paint Shop G Original  
My interpretation of what the Goddess Hecate might look like as a fairy.
* Good Morning by surrenderdammit PS CS3 PG Rurouni Kenshin  
Good morning, good morning! It's too late to say good night.

Heart and Soul by The Marauding Cupcake Digital Art Pad, 2B, watercolor PG Harry Potter  
From chapter six of The Danger that Awaits. As they stood there in the doorway to her home, holding each other in a tight embrace, Sirius noted one thing: he was not the only one participating; Marlene was returning his kiss. The thought th
* Hell's Gate by Tranquiliala Sharpie PG Paradise Lost  
Hell's Gate and its guardian Death, from John Milton's Paradise Lost.
* Her Blossom by amy paper, pencil, color pencil R Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Arisugawa Juri holds out her blossom, blushing
* Hermione Granger by amy pencil and paper G Harry Potter  
Hermione Granger holds a book.
* Hino Rei by Jessi Digital PG13 Sailormoon  
Here we have Rei Hino drawn in a more realistic style.

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