General Gallery: Female Wolf Warrior by Ares

Medium:Pencil and Sharpie Marker


Added 2006-01-07


None really.. o-O I mean, it's an anthro wolf warrior with a wicked sword and barely any clothing to hide her awesome tattoos and muscular body. What more is there to say?

Artist's Comments:

Ze wings are the first time I've drawn them. I usually stick to cutesy baby wings that you see on chibified animals or something, so whee I need improvement! I left pencil marks because I am lazeeeeee, and this was drawn and inked for a good friend on SheezyArt since she caught my 400th pageview. I love the tattoos because I never thought of putting tattoos on anything before. And the sword-like weapon is supposed to be studded with some type of thorns or teeth. Referrence for this pose was taken from Steve Miller in his book Freaks! How to draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures!. Heck, any of the anthro art you see from now on will be thanks to that book. (: No I do not plan on coloring this -- I don't color any of my work because I suck at it so much. When I get a tablet and have time to practice, then I will return and attempt coloring it. Until then.. It's traditional graphite art from here on out unless I feel random.

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Critique by perseverance 2008-01-27

I like the way you brought out the wings and the outfit. Nicely done.

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