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* Vox Nihili by olesia Story PG Crossover  
Crono uses a Time Gate that was not meant for him, and travels to a place he is not truly meant to go. He has a great deal in common with the man he meets on the other side, like the fact neither of them can say how much in common they have.
* This is a poem by olesia Poem G Original Fiction  
It has rhymes
* The Ending by olesia Story PG Princess Tutu  
The problem with stories, Mytho decided, was not precisely that they ended.
* Rusalka by olesia Story PG13 Yu-Gi-Oh!  
Yuugi is aquaphobic, so of course he falls in love with the man who lives in the lake.
Harry Potter and the Skat-Hatokha Reaction by OliveOil_Med Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Harry's life is quiet now. He has a loving wife, a beautiful son, a career along side his best friend, and everything else he could ever want and never imagine having. But now, his career as an Auror will lead both him and Ron halfway around the world to investigate a mysterious school known only as the Skat-Hatokha Academy of Magic. But from ...
The Arcane ScoRA and the Wand of MacArt by OliveOil_Med Story G Harry Potter  
When Albus, Rose, and Scorpius are put on the train to their first year at Hogwarts, their parents have simple hopes for them. Namely to have the normal, boring school years they never got to experience themselves. But sometimes, we ask too much of our children. When the school becomes plagued by invasions of wild beasts, three different stude...

* Epigoni by P.H. Wise Story PG13 Crossover  
As one story ends, another begins. In the wake of the events of Not Fade Away, Stargate Command is about to receive a crash course in the subterrestrial world... (An Angel/Stargate SG1 crossover)
* Quickened by P.H. Wise Story PG13 Crossover  
Buffy really DID come back wrong, and the consequences of this draw her into an even greater conflict... (a Buffy-Angel-Highlander crossover)
Reflections of Ruin by P.H. Wise Story R Crossover  
A little over sixteen years ago, Hotaru Tomoe died a stillborn child. What does this have to do with Ranma? Quite a lot, as it turns out. - A Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Cthulhu Mythos crossover.
* Bluff by Papirini Story PG13 Crossover  
Detective Lennie Briscoe went into the cheap crackhouse hoping to find a killer. What he got was something more. PGSM-based.
* A Stream of Infidelity by Papirini Vignette PG Sailormoon  
sm_monthly drabble.
* Abbreviated. by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Fallen stars do not always remember their lives in great detail. Hence, in the end, her life is only remembered in bits and pieces, and it is short and sweet...and most tragic.
* Broken Glass, Broken Bums by Papirini Vignette PG Sailormoon  
sm_monthly drabble.
* Converting Meters Into Inches by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
Pluto has been demoted from being a planet of the solar system. What does the soldier bearing the name think of all this? Does the IAU's decision even matter to her?
* Enigma by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
On the outside, Ami Mizuno is Japan's high school genius, and also the famous Sailor Mercury. Underneath, however, is a flaw that she is the essence of her life - a silent secret that seperates her from her peers, even from her friends, and has shown its power to destroy everything Ami held dear.
* just a dash of absinthe by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
When one loses the thing they love most, it is only natural that they also begin to destroy themselves.
* Litmus Test by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
The thoughts of a traitor as she goes to kill her former master once and for all. But what was Sailor Uranus really thinking when she went over to Galaxia's side?
* m.a.d. by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
When everything came down to it, there was only one person to blame....myself.
* Mens Rea by Papirini Story R Sailormoon  
Mens rea. Latin for guilty mind. Committing a crime does not always make a person guilty, but rather, what a person is thinking when taking action can decide a person's ultimate destination. And in the court of law known as Hell, someone is about to find out just how her actions can lead to a fate worse than death....
Misperception by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
No matter what I do, or how much time passes after she has been erased, I still imagine her, vividly smiling back at me. Sometimes it feels too real. Its almost as if Small Lady still exists somewhere, waiting to meet me...
* Neon Monkey by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
A new enemy has appeared to menace Sailor Moon. She is no ordinary demon - she is so dangerous, so fearful, so evil.!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! This isn't a real summary for this, right? Right?! Seriously, Are you KIDDING ME? Her, DANGEROUS? HAHAHAHA.... *dies*
* Pondering Backublah Zooooper by Papirini Story G Sailormoon  
On the threshold of giving up her powers, one girl-villain ponders another choice.
* Red Eyes by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Uranus and Neptune went to investigate a fire. They found an reborn evil and a threat greater than anything they knew before...for the evil had passed into one of their own.
* Ring of Fire by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Love. You'll go far to make the one you love happy, but watch how you tread..lest you fall into the ring of fire. A tragic story of infidelity, faith, and the ill-fated things we do for love.
* seagreen shark by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
Never underestimate the seas you sail upon. It looks calm on the surface, but underneath, there always lurks a fatal danger for everyone, waiting to strike out.
Shadows of Psyche by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
They've been together since the beginning. Through thick and thin, through war and peace. They even survived Galaxia, somehow. But now, they are beyond that, and must return to what remains of their world - and begin a journey that will end in a way they never dreamed it would end.
* She's Come Undone by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
They all said she was crazy. They all said it was made up. They created a whole list of lies to justify their actions...and she knows, even as she starts to lose her mind for real, that they'll never let her free as long as she clung to the truth.
* Short Stacked by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity. —Frank Leahy The story of one who dared to defy a god, and paid dearly for it. It sounds elegant enough, but once you meet "Pokiro", you'll want to kick his ass too.
* The Great Matter by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Imagine a universe where sailor soldiers are subjected to their own system of government above that of the people they protect. A universe the reverence - and corruption - can easily go hand in hand. A universe where a hero is being persecuted for doing the right thing so that a great and terrible secret is kept at the cost of more than one person'...
* The Strawberry and the Rose by Papirini Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Prince Demando reflects on his favorite fruit. sm_monthly drabble.
* Toilettes Are Your Friend by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
A certain five-word question that is legendary in the annals of Sailor Moon history, but for Usagi, it's just another awkward choice. And for good reason....
* What Prudentius Said.... by Papirini Story R Sailormoon  
Seven deadly sins. Seven unlucky senshi. And then there's Mamoru....
* Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Papirini Story R Sailormoon  
For conquest. For glory. For Pop-Tarts.
* Yama Shakuyaku by Papirini Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly drabble.
* Art Class by perseverance Story PG Inuyasha  
Kagome's one day reveals all about her relationship between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.
* Dreamless Sleep by perseverance Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
Kaoru's feelings for Kenshin consumes her.
* Seeing by perseverance Story PG Rurouni Kenshin  
A day's lesson taught a valuable lesson to Kaoru about life.
Stirrings by perseverance Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
It begins with a murder and Detective Kaoru Kamiya finds herself clashing with the mysterious vampire –Kenshin Himura.
* Train Station by perseverance Story PG Rurouni Kenshin  
What do you do when you meet a stranger who would not leave you alone?
Children of the Rebellion by phenomenon Story R Harry Potter  
Ten years ago, a prophecy that had dictated the future of all the world was fulfilled. in a final duel, a chance distraction by a small child led to the downfall of the head of the Rebellion. Harry James Potter was killed, along with any hope of destroying the Dark Lord. All who supported him were killed in the most deadly massacre the Wizarding Wo...
* Happily Ever After by phenomenon Story PG Harry Potter  
In the midst of the woods, a clearing is visible, occupied by a small, secluded cottage, covered in the glistening snow. A wrought iron fence encloses the frostbitten garden, but in the back, the gate has been left open. A single line of footprints mark a path from the back of the house, through this gate, and towards an ice-covered trio of headsto...
* Promises by phenomenon Vignette G Harry Potter  
A moment between Draco and Hermione
* Roommates by phenomenon Vignette PG13 Harry Potter  
Apparently hatred isn’t the only reason Draco can’t stand living with Hermione.
* The Brethren - Concept by phenomenon Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Hundreds of years ago, there lived a great wizard named Merlin. At least, that’s what the history books say...
* Heaven and Earth: The Path to Crystal Tokyo by PhoenixStAr Story PG Sailormoon  
Just as the Senshi grow up and settle into every day lives complete with careers and responsibilities, events are set into motion for Crystal Tokyo to be built. But can they find the Shitennou and the Golden Crystal in time to save the world from Darkness first? (UsaMamo and possible Senshi/Shitennou)
A Twisted Tale by pink4dot Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Once upon a time, there lived a maid named Serenity. Her life was filled with nothing but cleaning, her step sisters, and step mother. Yet one night changed her life forever. She would have adventures like she always dreamed of and find an unexpected love and experience the feeling of maybe losing it forever.
* Return of the Moon Princess by princessnat Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Usagi is injured in an attack and when she wakes up, she believes she is still Princess Serenity during the Silver Millenium.
* Wolves of Gomorrah by profoundly_grey Story R Harry Potter  
When Greyback had first established the Underground, he had not anticipated the place to become so primitive and instinctual. He understood the wolves’ needs to fulfill their bodily functions and drives, but his need to infect was stronger.
The Scouts Have Returned. by PromiseMe Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Three years ago after the defeat of Galaxia,Darien Broke up with Serena and that led to the separation of the Sailor Scouts. Two years after that Serena is left all alone because her family was killed in a car accident. Now a year later their needed again
* Mask, Uhn by PsychoxKillerxFreak Story PG Naruto  
I spent the next few minutes stoking his hair, calming him down like a mother would with a small child until he spoke again. "Deidara-Senpai was the only person who saw my face and didn't flinch, Sakura-Chan. You flinched too." Fluff!
* The Pink Streak by PsychoxKillerxFreak Story PG13 Naruto  
Hidan's Smoking, Deidara's Gazing At The Stars, Kakuzu's Sippin' Coffee Then BAM. A 'Pink Streak' Goes By, Naked. Who the hell could it be?

No stories found.

* The Chong Sheng Trilogy: War by rachelthedemon Story PG13 Avatar: The Last Airbender  
Story diverges from canon at episode 2x16 ("Appa's Lost Days"). Confronted with reality at its most unforgiving, Prince Zuko makes a decision that will change the course of the war for good. And as Aang and his friends continue their search for Appa, the Fire Nation escalates its goal to finally topple Ba Sing Se.
* Disillusionment by Ravyn Story PG13 Harry Potter  
James Potter proves to one Lily Evans that she can trust him – at least with her life... Sort of.
* Perfect in Weakness by Ravyn Story PG13 Naruto  
Team 7. Team Hebi. Sai. Because when Sasuke comes home he brings some people with him and some interactions are more hostile than others. Team 7 never said they'd share.
* Shade of the Leaf by Ravyn Story PG13 Naruto  
Sasuke is back. Naruto has joined ANBU. Sakura is spending more time in the hospital than in the field. Team 7 struggles to redefine itself, because sometimes you don’t know what you really want after all. NaruSaku
* All Hallows’ Even by Ravyn Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
When Kaoru was 15 she killed her first zombie. Everything went downhill from there.
* Blue Side of the Moon by Ravyn Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
When police hunt to execute magekind, and Yakuza offer a deadly refuge, Kamiya Kaoru finds herself caught up in a game she barely understands. A game with few rules, too many consequences and a man darker than any she has ever met.
* Christmas Cookies by Ravyn Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
Kenshin has finally decided to make a move on his cute neighbor, but is taken for a surprise when the tables are turned thanks to a dark closet and a dress stealing roommate. WAFF Alert. KK Oneshot.
* Ebony Glass by Ravyn Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
Stranded in a frozen landscape after an attack from hunters Kaoru is cut off from her pack. Forced to take refuge with a strange pack with laws she doesn’t understand. She finds herself attracted to both their way of living and their redhaired alpha. KK
* Honor Bound by Ravyn Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
Determined to serve her village, Kaoru Kamiya volunteers herself as a king’s hostage. What she doesn’t expect is to be tangled in an intricate plot between bloodmages, kings, and a man unlike any she has ever met.
* Marching Home by Ravyn Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
The war is over. Battousai is dead. Kenshin Himura is going home to a wife he hasn’t seen in five years. Things might change, but they also stay the same.
Path of Thorns by Ravyn Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
When the Himura Heir returns from his travels overseas, he brings with him a rumor of madness. Kaoru hardly expects the rumors to be true – or to find herself trapped in a magical ploy for revenge.
* Wolf Kin by Ravyn Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
Learning the boundaries of her new life with in a new pack, Kaoru struggles to find her place. Even more confusing is her relationship with the alpha.
* Crimson Wings by regie Vignette PG Berserk  
genre_challenge - April Genre: Angst - Theme: Colors (white)
* Dreams by regie Vignette PG Berserk  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: climates (grassland)
* The last kind man by regie Story R Black Lagoon  
On a hot and uneventful afternoon in Roanapur, Revy reminisces of her recent mission to Japan and how the events that unfolded made her see her partner Rock on a different light. Set during the Japan arc on Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage. Rated R for strong language and mature situations.
* Nirvana by regie Story PG13 Bubblegum Crisis  
What can push you to risk your life in a city that will do all it can to cover up your good deeds? One character bares her soul to explain.
* Rapture by regie Story PG Bubblegum Crisis  
A quiet preshow warming up becomes more as Priss Asagiri reveals what is truly important for her.
* Absolution by regie Story R Madlax  
A close call after a mission will force a decision that has been lingering between the mistakes of the past and the promise of the future. Sequel to "Atonement - The Great Divide"
* Atonement ~ The Great Divide ~ by regie Story PG13 Madlax  
After months of living together, former Gazth-Sonika Elite Guard LT Limelda Jorg meditates on the past, the present and the challenge of living life with the burden of terrible sins weighting in on her new life.
* Taking over me by regie Story PG13 Madlax  
After her Commander was slain before her own eyes, Elite Guard lieutenant Limelda Jorg swore she would find and defeat the agent responsible. Little did she suspect how much that chance encounter would change her life.
* Undying spirit by regie Story PG Mai-HiME  
Even in the darkest of times, a spark of hope can flicker. A little Midori-centered vignette.
* A friend's worth by regie Story PG RahXephon  
Impulsed by her feelings, Haruka was the one who was always by Ayato's side. However, there was was someone else in her life who was doing the same for her. This is a tale of an enduring friendship, that of Haruka Shitow and Elvy Hadhiyat.
* A moment in time by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
Ayato stands at the threshold of the tuning but before heeding the call of destiny, he wishes to deal with unfinished matters of the heart.
* An unexpected gift by regie Story PG RahXephon  
For Shitow Haruka, a training deployment aboard the Lilia Litvyak during Valentine's Day might provide her with more surprises that she could had ever expected.
* Anticipation by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
Thoughts and feelings of Ayato at the threshold of the tuning
* Auld Lang Syne by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: clothing (party hat)
* Cold by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: sports (ice skating)
* D for denial by regie Vignette PG13 RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: numbers (7)
* End of the world by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: vehicles (clown mobile)
* Ex Cinis Cineris by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
After the tuning, the survivors face living in a new world without the Mu menace. The losses weight heavily on everyone’s hearts as they struggle to rebuild their lives while Shitow Haruka has to face the reality of a world without Ayato.
* Fading Friendship by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - Aprl Genre: Angst - Theme: buildings (candy shop)
* Landing Maneuvers, the MST by regie Story R RahXephon  
We all know Shitow Haruka from RahXephon but now her consciences wish to be heard and what better opportunity for them to express themselves than through a MST of a fanfic?
* Longings by regie Vignette R RahXephon  
Second installment of the Unrequited love series
* Longings, part II by regie Vignette PG13 RahXephon  
Sequel to Longings, offering the flip side of the story.
New Beginings by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
The world has been succesfully tuned and finds itself at peace with the Mu, but one Shitow Haruka faces a discovery that no one would have expected. How this will affect her life?
* Nocturnal Revelations by regie Story R RahXephon  
A stormy night. A secret that wishes to come out to the open. A confusing and yet comforting emotion that begins to grow. The night brings out the secrets and arouses the passions that hide in the dark waiting for truth to set them free.
* Red-blooded emotions by regie Vignette PG13 RahXephon  
Third installment of the Unrequited love series
* Reflections in D minor by regie Story PG RahXephon  
One event. Three perspectives. Three minds and souls share their innermost thoughts.
* Return to your shore by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
Kamina Ayato faces the colliding and contradictory emotions that pull within him as he finally finds out the girl he loved in Tokyo is alive but had kept the truth away from him. What this will mean to them and their love?
* Secret by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
The first of a series of vignettes on unrequited love.
* Shattered childhood by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: Folklore (The Easter Bunny)
* Shidarezakura by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April Genre: Angst - Theme: Month (April)
* Till death do us part by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
Love can propel you to do amazing feats, but it can also drive you to edge of sanity and even to death. Shitow Haruka will discover just what she's capable off when she's about to lose her love all over again.
* Time's quicksands by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
Time passes by, yet Shitow Haruka stubornly refuses to let go of her memories and her hopes. However, there has always been someone who has also been affected by her refusal to let go of the past. A pre series look at Itsuki and Haruka.
* Unfinished business by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: weather (sunshiny)
* Crossroads by regie Story G Sailormoon  
After graduation, the choices that lie upon make Ami reminiscence about the last years and her relationship with certain phsychic boy.
* Ferris Wheel by regie Vignette PG Sailormoon  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: locations (amusement park)
* Ghosts of the past by regie Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Memories from the past unveil an amazing story of love and tragedy that still haunts the present.
* Into the darkness by regie Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Urawa Ryo was a Rainbow crystal carrier and host of a Great Youma, but was saved by the Senshi. However, what would have happened if the course of events had been different?
* Second Chances by regie Story PG Sailormoon  
If to imagine your love in someone else's arms is torture, how would if feel to see it as a precognition of the imminent future?
* Fire by regie Vignette PG Silent Mobius  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: Household objects (refrigerator)
* Birth of a warrior by regie Story PG Soul Calibur  
A humble daughter of a baker becomes the chosen warrior. The young girl received an oracle and a mission: to find and destroy a cursed weapon. A little story on how Sophitia Alexandra became the warrior of the gods.
* Blessed by regie Vignette PG13 Soul Calibur  
genre_challenge - April genre: angst - Theme: religion (blessings)
* Blood Ties by regie Story PG13 Soul Calibur  
After a long and anguished search, Sophitia finally finds her sister Cassandra. How will the younger Alexandra sibling react to this?
* Chosen by regie Vignette PG13 Soul Calibur  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: moods (ecstatic)
* From a distance by regie Vignette PG Twelve Kingdoms  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: holidays (New Year's Day)
* Gilded Cage by regie Story PG Twelve Kingdoms  
After defeating Jyoei and finally claiming back her kingdom, Youko takes a moment to reflect at the foot of her throne what it means to be a ruler.
* Snow by regie Vignette PG Twelve Kingdoms  
genre_challenge - Aprl Genre: angst - Theme: relatives (grandmother)
Ally by Roses Ablaze Story G Sailormoon  
Can Kunzite find an ally among the still-mistrustful Senshi?
* The Cost of Losing by Roses Ablaze Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Kunzite and Mamoru lose a game of kemps. Shounen-ai. Done for sm_monthly's February theme (OTP; I chose Kunzite and mamoru as my couple). The daily theme was Kiss.
Just You Wait by rui Story PG13 Vision of Escaflowne  
Van is no prince charming and Hitomi is far from Cinderella, but when her father, a local merchant, strikes a deal to marry her off...
* Six Decades by ruminant Story G Original Fiction  
Just a little thing I wrote. A woman sees her first love again after 60 years.
* A Better Way by ruminant Story G Sailormoon  
A rehash of the manga scene in Stars - the brief appearance of Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne.
* I Know by ruminant Story G Sailormoon  
A character study of an often misunderstood and often neglected character.
Rhapsody by ruminant Story PG13 Sailormoon  
A single decision can impact the lives of many. Two senshi made a decision that saved many lives... at a cost.
Contest Entry * Singing Fishes and Sparkles by ruminant Story PG Sailormoon  
Sailor Uranus is having a streak of bad luck.
What Am I To You? by rurouni_kenshinxkaoru Story PG13 Bleach  
Karin is left in the human world wondering what Hitsugaya thinks of her. This question continues to run through her mind but when something life changing happens, she is never the same again.
I Will Protect You by rurouni_kenshinxkaoru Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
When Kenshin witnesses Tomoe's death, he decides to become a rurouni. Later, when he is with Kaoru, he meets a friend from the past. Words and explainations are given and one more thing...shes a werewolf.

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