Vignette Collection: Auld Lang Syne by regie

Fandom:RahXephon Rating:PG
Created:2006-04-29 Modified:2006-04-29
Summary:genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: clothing (party hat)
Auld Lang Syne

Helena hated parties. In fact, Helena despised the frivolous, mundane social gatherings invented by humans just to have an excuse to display their new clothes, to eat and drink in excess and to behave like fools without being considered one. Tonight, much to her chagrin, she was there as representative of the Bahbem Foundation on their annual New Year's party.

It was amusing to watch the board members with their alcohol-induced pink cheeks and ridiculous party hats fawn over her uncle and Foundation president, Ernst Bahbem, looking for new ways to humiliate themselves even further in order to keep ascending the steep ladder upwards. Fools! If only they knew that the stability and wealth they searched for was about to end if her uncle's plans were successful. That none of them would be favored in the new world that was to be created, that only those with blue blood would be counted as the heirs of the Earth shaped in the image and will of the Mulians, their despised enemies who had rendered their precious cities and priceless monuments to mere rubble.

Helena locked glances with her uncle and shared a knowing and cold smile, enjoying from a distance how the revelers sang in drunken enthusiasm the folk song with which they marked the beginning of a new year. However, it wasn't a new year that was about to begin. It was a new era. The era of the blue-blooded people. The era of Mu

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