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Contest Winner * Lucky 13 by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Labyrinth  
Nightmares didn’t scare her. Dreams had always been easy for her to forget or hold on to. It was reality she wanted to run away from.
* A Year Later by kira_k Story G Labyrinth  
It is a year after Sarah and Toby are returned from the Labyrinth. Toby awakens from a nightmare and Sarah reflects as she soothes him.
Loving Thine Enemy (revised edition) by Stormlight Story PG13 Labyrinth  
Sequel to The Gift. After two years, Jareth has finally returned, but for some odd reason, he doesn't seem to be very thrilled to see Sarah. Might it have something to do with the fact that she's just wished another kid away?
* The Gift (Revised edition) by Stormlight Story PG13 Labyrinth  
Sarah cannot forget. His image haunts her in dreams and in her waking moments, and on the eve of a Christmas three years in the future, a mysterious gift brings to her the realization that perhaps not all was as it seemed...

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