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An asterisk(*) denotes a completed story.

* A Bat, A Princess, and Toilet Paper by LadyAllen Story PG Other Fandom  
A Justice League: Unlimited fanfic. Batman/WonderWoman. A janitorial crisis has Batman back at the watchtower where he is forced to confront his feelings for WonderWoman. As well as exercise his self-control and not kill or maim Flash.
* A Beautiful Dream by Covenmouse Story G Gundam Wing  
On a mini-break after the war, Sally and Une finally address a rather difficult issue. [No EW, busy people verse, after WiP but NOT a required read]
* A Bench in December by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
He was sitting on a bench in December after snowfall.
* A Better Way by ruminant Story G Sailormoon  
A rehash of the manga scene in Stars - the brief appearance of Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne.
* A Black Tale by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
This is a free-form poem about Sirius Black. It discusses his friendships, family, his battles, his triumphs, and his death.
* A Blooming Surprise by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
Good new for Neville Longbottom
* A Bones Expert by Nephthys Moon Vignette G Bones  
Booth knows what he is: a Bones expert.
* A Bright Future by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
Hermione gets a peak at her hearts desires as she looks into The Mirror of Erised
* A Butterfly in China by stormwalker628 Story PG Crossover  
This is a short, multi-series story showing how a small action in one place can have a large effect somewhere else.
* A Cat’s Life by Cheshlin Story G Harry Potter  
Blackie is Pansy Parkinson's cat. He has had many trials in his life, and here are the main ones, from his POV.
* A Cautionary Tale: Why New Experiences Can Be Hazardous to One's Health by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Motoki's advice is usually better than this. He swears.
* A Change of Heart by h_vic Vignette PG13 Harry Potter  
Remus lupin finds compassion from an unexpected quarter.
* A Christmas Wish by Krysia Story G Sailormoon  
Christmas eve....set during R Dark Moon breakup season.
A Complicated Love Story by snapes_allie Story R Harry Potter  
Hi there! My name is Alexandra Kathleen Potter, one of the legendary Potter twins, also known as the twins-who-lived. I'm known as one of the Gryffindor know-it-alls; the other know-it-all's are my best friend Hermione Granger and my mother, Lily Evans. It's great to see Hermione again, though I could do without having to be around some of the peop...
* A Conversation Between Friends by mrsmcclnt Story PG Harry Potter  
Looking towards an uncertain future, Professor McGonagall says her final good byes to a dear friend.
* A Conversation He Would Try to Forget by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Artemis did not like him, and he would like him even less by the end of it.
* A Crime of Opportunity by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Sailormoon  
Written for SMMFC - March Challenge, Theme Three: Destiny
* A Day at the Beach by December Vignette G Crossover  
A small scene inserted into the manga, volume 11. Just another day at the beach for a rice ball, the cat, a girl, and her dog. Fruits Basket/Animaniacs crossover.
* A Day in the Queen of Kei's Court by twiknham Story R Twelve Kingdoms  
This one-shot follows Youko through a day in court.
* A Different Heart by Starsea Vignette G Sailormoon  
Rei and Taiki discuss the language of flowers. Written for the "Tiger Lily" challenge, July 2006.
Contest Entry * A Different Kind of Family by Heavenly Pearl Story PG13 Harry Potter  
On a vacation with his girlfriend Penelope, Percy realizes that even though he may not be on the best terms with his family at the moment, he can count on one person to always be there for him.
A Different Story by Sokudo Ningyou Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Volume 11 of Pretty Soldiers (according to the old manga volumes). A written interpretation of the "Another Story" Super Famicom game, this takes place about a month after "Shunshin."
* A Different View by dimebg Story G Sailormoon  
After destiny reveals itself, Mamoru must come to terms with his feelings. The question is, does he want to follow in the footsteps of his past self?
* A Dream Come True by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Somedays Dreamers  
Milinda has been in love with Oyamada Masami for over a decade but has never been able to confess her feelings. Will she finally find the courage with some magical help from her friends?
* A Dry Spell by Starsea Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Makoto needs to resolve her issues with Nephrite so she can move on. Nephrite wants Makoto to be happy. If only she knew what would make her happy.
* A Duty to Fight by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Harry Potter  
When the final battle comes, Remus wants Tonks to stay at her mother's house with Teddy, but Tonks can't help but feel she has a duty to join the rest of the Order in fighting Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Set during Deathly Hallows.
* A Fine Heir by h_vic Vignette G Harry Potter  
For once in his life, Lucius Malfoy is at a loss for words.
* A friend's worth by regie Story PG RahXephon  
Impulsed by her feelings, Haruka was the one who was always by Ayato's side. However, there was was someone else in her life who was doing the same for her. This is a tale of an enduring friendship, that of Haruka Shitow and Elvy Hadhiyat.
* A Good Night’s Sleep by h_vic Story G Harry Potter  
When Lily Potter finds herself sitting up for yet another night with her infant son, she decides that it’s about time for her to resort to a little bit of DIY potion-making in order to ensure her family finally gets a good night’s sleep. It has been a long time though since she last made a potion and for good reason…
* A Grail?!? by sailorknight Story PG13 Crossover  
A Sailor Moon/Monty Python and the Holy Grail crossover?!? No, this isn't a joke! The Sailor Senshi and King Arthur go grail hunting in this crossover/parody... thingy.
* A Granddaughter’s Vow by cwiddy Story PG13 Harry Potter  
16 year old Thora Gorgon has recently learned her true heritage. Just when she starts to understand what that means her family is attacked and the rest of her family is killed. Now she has to pull herself together and carry on the traditions which her grandfather, Salazar Slytherin has taught her.
* A Grave Mistake by Hermoine Jean Granger Story PG Harry Potter  
Voldemort, on his search for the Elder Wand, finds Grindelwald dead. This puzzling piece of his search leads him to another mystery, one which is deeper, darker, and more significant than ever.
Contest Winner * A Greater Love by Ashaela Story PG Sailormoon  
In Crystal Tokyo, during their Christmas Eve celebration, Usagi has to make a decision about her future.
A Hard Love by AmawaHibiki18 Story PG13 Vision of Escaflowne  
He was a Prince, she was a Princess. They were meant to be married. He embraced that future long ago. Only one problem: she doesn`t wish to marry him.
Contest Entry A Hazard to Myself by Baine Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Kino Makoto's life begins spiraling out of control as her lover leaves her for the unknown and she makes her way to Juuban, where she will find herself becoming a superhero whose mission is to destroy the only man she's ever loved...
* A Healer’s Studies by cwiddy Vignette G Harry Potter  
Aria McFadden is studying potions in her studies as a Healer.
* A Helping Hand by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Avatar: The Last Airbender  
Ty Lee tries to be helpful and predictably, is not.
* A Hero’s Heart by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
What makes a hero? Sometimes it is deeds, and sometimes it is the heart behind the actions.
* A Hungarian Affair by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
Hermione finds herself looking at a book in a public libary
* A Hymn to Them by Masked Maiden Story PG House  
House and Wilson discuss the movie musical My Fair Lady.
* A Kiss by makotochan Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Just a sweet story about a hot day in the park and a kiss Usagi and Mamoru share. Oneshot.
* A Lesson in Humility by h_vic Vignette G Harry Potter  
Even Minerva McGonagall makes mistakes sometimes.
* A Little Bit Cynical by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
After hundreds of years alone, perhaps she is just a little bit cynical.
* A Little Drop by cwiddy Poem G Original Fiction  
Free form poem contemplating life.
* A Little Mishap at Little Whinging by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
When you’re a cat, you have to be careful. Something Professor Mcgonagall learned while peeking in on young Harry Potter.
* A Little Violence by stormwalker628 Story PG Sailormoon  
The girls have a day off and Rei has some tickets to a park. So why do Ami and Makoto have guns?
* A Man's Thoughts by Masked Maiden Vignette G Sailormoon  
Winner of "Best General" for the post-series month at Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. A drabble on menopause from the viewpoint of a man.
* A mask for the Nadeshiko by blue Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly feburary theme: Old-fashioned (Manga: Usagi's view of Hino Rei)
* A Matter of Preference by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako falls for men with a certain feminine sensibility.
* A Matter of Principle by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Original Fiction  
She was one 'x' away from doing it.
* A Meal for the Arrancar by magicsmith Story PG13 Bleach  
Orihime Inoue cooks for the Arrancar with the unwilling assistance of Ulquiorra. The reaction to her cooking disappoints Orihime.
* A moment in time by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
Ayato stands at the threshold of the tuning but before heeding the call of destiny, he wishes to deal with unfinished matters of the heart.
* A Moment of Time by cwiddy Poem G Original Fiction  
Every person has moments when their hearts cry out to someone to listen, this poem is about one of those moments.
A Month as a Time Walker by December Story PG Crossover  
Suppose you had the chance to reunite a family separated by a power play? Would you? And who would you be willing to hurt to gain this reunion?
* A Mother’s Heart by cwiddy Story PG Harry Potter  
Dria is searching for the cure to her son of his curse of being a werewolf.
* A Mother’s Hope by Cheshlin Poem G Harry Potter  
Tonks Watches Teddy sleeping
* A Mother’s Plight by mrsmcclnt Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Down and out with no where to go, Meope Gaunt nears her final days of her pregnancy. She tries to look forward to motherhood but she is beseeched with visions of death and terror as she grows further along. Fearing she might be going mad, Merope seeks help so that she can find some answers to her disturbing dreams. Yet the answers she gets leaves h...
A New Day by chenoadawn Story PG13 Sailormoon  
The birth of Neo-Tokyo brings many challenges and trials. How does it happen? Why was the earth dormant? Witness the rise of Neo-Queen Serenity as she brings the Earth back to life.
* A New Mission by Jessica Pendragon Story G Sailormoon  
So long their lives had been ruled by duty. Who knew letting it go could be so difficult?
* A New Year’s Trick by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Pansy schemes to get her way with Draco.
* A Night at the Opera by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Harry Potter  
It's the sort of cultured thing he'd expected to enjoy, and he is very surprised to find that he is utterly, completely, dreadfully, mindnumbingly bored.
* A Nightly Companion by blue Story PG Sailormoon  
As the long road stretches before her, Pluto finds an unlikely companion to share the lonely nights with.
* A Nightmare Returns by Heavenly Pearl Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Helios comforts Serenity after she has a bad dream.
* A Pleasant Surprise by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Sailormoon  
After Helios has a riding accident and has to cancel their romantic date, Serenity decides to bring the date to him.
* A Poetry Lesson by Kihin Ranno Poem PG Original Fiction  
A poem I had actually forgotten about, but I find my poetry pretty darn forgettable.
* A Pole Encounter by Ian_Buddy Story PG13 Sailormoon  
This story is about It is about Serena running into a pole and then suffering from amnesia. Now, with the help of her friends and Darien, she has to get through fighting monsters and discovering her feelings for a certain someone. ^o^
* A Policy of Dos and Do Nots by superkate Story R CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  
Outside of the lab, some of the rules are different. But some rules aren't.
A Promise is a Promise by Newbie GK Story PG13 Inuyasha  
“A promise is a promise,” he told her. If only Inuyasha had realized how much his words would come back to haunt him…
* A Protective Love by Bella*Luna Poem G Sailormoon  
A power that protects for all eternity
* A Rain of Roses by Heavenly Pearl Story G Sailormoon  
Helios plays model for Princess Lady Serenity's newest painting.
* A Reason To Hope by Heavenly Pearl Story PG Fruits Basket  
Yuki and Machi make romantic wishes together on the night of the Tanabata festival.
* A Relationship That Progressed through Awesome Weirdness by vegetasbubble Story R Harry Potter  
Draco Malfoy had countless affairs throughout Hogwarts and he thought Luna Lovegood would just be another one of those affairs. But his feelings have grown. And what are the strange headaches that Luna was getting?
A Sailor Romance by Sailor Ryo-Ohki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Serena Tsukino a.k.a Sailor Moon has just discovered something that could change her life. She is going to be a mother. But when she goes to tell her boyfriend Kazuya he runs out on her, her family and friends abandons her. Leaving Serena alone without anyone to turn to but her sworn enemy....Darien Chiba
* A Scarring Past by Masked Maiden Vignette G Sailormoon  
Written for the post-series month at Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. Makoto talks about a past boyfriend, and how he at least got one thing right.
* A Serious Case of the Jacket by makotochan Vignette G Sailormoon  
Always wondered why Mamoru bought that terrible pea green jacket? Find out here! Oneshot, mostly Mamoru’s POV.
* A Serious Case of the Snickers by AngelMoon Girl Story R Sailormoon  
Poor Serena and Darien have been trying to 'get it on' all evening, but their romantic mood hits a few snags when you throw in awkward underwear choices, overly ticklish body parts, and future daughters who don't knock.
* A Simple Question by blue Vignette PG Sailormoon  
sm_monthly Pluto Challenge: Day 2 - Abandon
* A Simple Thing by Krysia Story G Sailormoon  
A young man's dilemma--how to recognize the birthday of a person special to him.
* A Sirius Answer by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG13 Harry Potter  
Tension finally comes to a head as James confronts Sirius on his feelings for Lily.
* A Stream of Infidelity by Papirini Vignette PG Sailormoon  
sm_monthly drabble.
* A Sure Thing by superkate Story PG House  
It's very, very middle school for Wilson to be jealous of House's date with Cuddy. Which is precisely why Wilson is not at all jealous. Really. Honest.
* A Tale of Two Suitors by Dejana Talis Story PG Futurama  
Set a few months after "Into the Wild Green Yonder." Fry decides to propose to Leela, but when his best-laid plans go astray and Zapp Brannigan stumbles back into their lives, he'll be lucky enough to get another moment alone with her.
* A Tear by cwiddy Poem PG Original Fiction  
A poem written just after I lost my first patient as Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse.
A Time For Goodbyes by Jaded Catalyst Story PG13 The Naked Brothers Band  
High school is filled with opportunities and choices. Sacrifices are a must and we have no choice but to learn to move on; it's all a part of growing up. With such a long and winding path ahead of them, can a middle school band hold it together in high school or is it finally time for the Naked Brothers Band to say goodbye?
* A Time To Die by Heavenly Pearl Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Sailor Pluto doesn’t regret sacrificing herself to save the ones she loves.
A Truth Among Lies by etoile mignon Story R Sailormoon  
Long ago, four men dared to betray an oath, sell their souls to a devil, and wage interplanetary war to answer one question. How far would you go to save a brother?
A Twisted Tale by pink4dot Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Once upon a time, there lived a maid named Serenity. Her life was filled with nothing but cleaning, her step sisters, and step mother. Yet one night changed her life forever. She would have adventures like she always dreamed of and find an unexpected love and experience the feeling of maybe losing it forever.
* A view from the ground by blue Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly feburary theme: Light (Mothers can see more truth than they are told, even if they do not always know what it means)
* A Villain's Night Out by blue Story PG Sailormoon  
A late night fight! An unexpected confrontation! From this day forward... Sailormoon may never want to be late for a fight again! Ah, yes... Revenge can be rather bitter-sweet...
A Walk in the Park by magicsmith Story R Bleach  
Ichigo asks Orihime to walk with him through the park. She accepts hoping he will declare his feelings for her. Pre Soul Society Arc.
* A Waste of Freedom by Jaded Catalyst Vignette PG Original Fiction  
A free-flying hawk takes to the sky one last time.
* A Weasley Shopping Spree by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
Harry and Mr. Weasley take a trip to Wal-Mart
* A Woman Scorned by Heavenly Pearl Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Nehelenia’s plans for revenge are set back by Helios.
* A Year Later by kira_k Story G Labyrinth  
It is a year after Sarah and Toby are returned from the Labyrinth. Toby awakens from a nightmare and Sarah reflects as she soothes him.
* ab type (antithesis) by His lordship Chaos Story PG Sailormoon  
And now, ladies and gentlemen, if you please, a word from something as ancient as the battle between good and evil itself....
* Abbreviated. by Papirini Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Fallen stars do not always remember their lives in great detail. Hence, in the end, her life is only remembered in bits and pieces, and it is short and sweet...and most tragic.
* About That Kiss by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
The confrontation reaches it breaking point in the Sirius/Lily/James triangle
* Absolution by echo Poem G Original Fiction  
Just something I wrote one day.
Absolution by Lillie_Bell Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Her sin bound them together for all eternity, from one life to the next. Her sacrifice would set them free. 1st season AU, UsaMamo.
* Absolution by regie Story R Madlax  
A close call after a mission will force a decision that has been lingering between the mistakes of the past and the promise of the future. Sequel to "Atonement - The Great Divide"
* According to Alice by Starsea Story PG Fruits Basket  
A story about brothers, about sisters, and about chasing white rabbits. Sometimes, the truth doesn't hurt, it only sets you free.
* Acid Rain by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Demando reflects on the harshness of Nemesis that does not compare with the harshness of the people who sent him there.
* Across the Great Divide by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Although it would not last long and those present would never speak of it again, for the briefest of moments on a rooftop in downtown Tokyo, three Senshi reached out to one who they thought understood and breeched the great divide.
* Adaption As by Ahnkitomi Vignette G Yu Yu Hakusho  
Keiko; adjustment.
* Adding to the Noise by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Hotaru is given the worst gift ever... at least for her parents.
Adventures in Tokyo-Land by Covenmouse Story PG Sailormoon  
When ten-year-old Alec Law and his kid brother, Daz, were told that they were finally to meet their estranged grandfather, the last thing they expected was to be left with him in a country whose ways are far unlike anything they experienced at home. Though Daz is quick to adjust, Alec finds himself torn over one question: why would his mother lea...
* Adventures of a Little Black Dress by Loki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako gets a call from Setsuna, and immediately remembers the fact that the little black dress she loaned to her friend she'll need back before the weekend for a date with Takehiko. But thoughts of this fly out the window as Setsuna sounds distressed and asks Minako to visit her, as she has need of a friend and to share a shock revelation.
* After Hours by superkate Story R House  
They have more in common than leaving the hospital at the same time.
* Aftermath by gryvon Story PG13 Harry Potter  
No one had escaped the war without some scars. Implied Draco/Harry
* Against All Odds by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
A Silver Millennium story. A twist of fate casts Endymion as a stable boy working as a servant in the Moon Castle, where he meets the Princess by chance. With Serenity engaged to another man, can the miracle romance triumph over the barriers of class and nobility?
* Against the Rules by Heavenly Pearl Story R Sailormoon  
Mizuno Ami has always been the good girl -- a brilliant student, an obedient daughter, a loyal friend and soldier. However, when she embarks on a forbidden romance with her professor, a rival sets out to destroy her spotless reputation. Will their love manage to survive?
* Aino Minako - Spinster at Large by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako eats her feelings. But she also yells.
Airmail by LovelyLytton Story R Sailormoon  
Reunions come in many shapes and sizes. The senshi are about to experience them all.
* All for Love by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Snape’s personal journey as he "delivers" the Sword of Gryffindor
* All Fragile Things by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
All fragile things must someday break apart.
* All Hallows’ Even by Ravyn Story PG13 Rurouni Kenshin  
When Kaoru was 15 she killed her first zombie. Everything went downhill from there.
* All I Want For Christmas by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako knows just what she wants for Christmas, and nothing will stop her from getting it.
* All I Want For Christmas by Lady Yue Story PG13 Naruto  
It's the Christmas season and miracles do happen... with a little help from a certain Godaime Hokage and a D-class mission.
* All Kidding Aside by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Harry Potter  
When Lily confronts Remus and Sirius with certain questions about the nature of their relationship, they try to write it off. Unfortunately, James and Peter start agreeing with her and pretty soon Sirius and Remus have to fend off everyone's teasing. In this darkened cloud they find a silver lining and a golden opportunity to play a prank on their ...
* All or Nothing by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
A funny tale on how Sirius Black got his bike
* All That Glitters by Starsea Story PG Harry Potter  
For some children, Hogwarts is not a surprise. For them, it is a goal, something to be dreamed about and wished for. Ron Weasley was one of these children, and he couldn't wait to get to Hogwarts and move out of his brothers' shadows. But he soon realised that being Ron Weasley wasn't so bad after all.
* All We Had by Nephthys Moon Story PG Sailormoon  
Rei ponders Jadeite's death.
* All’s Fair in Love and Pancakes by Nephthys Moon Story PG13 Star Trek: Enterprise  
Trip is having trouble eating, and a certain Communications Officer could be the cause.
Ally by Roses Ablaze Story G Sailormoon  
Can Kunzite find an ally among the still-mistrustful Senshi?
* Almost There by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Venus returns after a devestating fight, and Kunzite learns that things aren't so hopeless as he once presumed.
* Alone by cwiddy Poem G Harry Potter  
Ginny Weasley is feeling left out and lonely as she suffers through the cold winter of her 6th year at Hogwarts, in hiding now from the Death Eaters.
* Alone No More by sailorknight Story PG13 Sailormoon  
In this story, Minako's life as Sailor V is retold, but this time, she has another partner in addition to Artemis. With the help of her new partner, will Minako finally be alone no more?
* Alternate Histories by superkate Story PG Crossing Jordan  
Several years later, two characters hang out on a suburban patio and wonder about how things might have turned out differently.
Alternate Millennium by Chmia Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Regret was abound, but in truth, there was no one else that would be able to make things right, despite what Pluto had said. The time was not supposed to have happened, but Sailor Moon was needed to correct the wrongs. “This,” Sailor Pluto said, indicating the wide expanse around them with her hand, “is the end of the Silver Millennium....
* Among the Flowers by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Sailormoon  
In spite of their relationship, Ceres and Chibi-Usa don't always see eye to eye.
* Amongst the Stars by GirlWhoWrites Story PG Sailormoon  
After everything he’d done, having only the Time Guardian waiting for him on the other side was something of a relief.
* Amortentia by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
A very pregnant Merope Gaunt thinks back on what could have gone wrong.
* An Almost Encounter by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Veronica Mars  
Logan saw her five years after it ended.
* An Easy Thing by Tsuki Yuuki Story PG13 Naruto  
". . . But then I saw it, eyes filled with endless sorrow, and I turned back to face my pain." A night of contemplation; a serious, introspective piece. Oneshot. [Thanks to Sabaku no Mizu for the summary suggestion]
* An Empty Nest by Heavenly Pearl Vignette G Sailormoon  
Endymion has to learn to let his little girl go.
* An Honest Proposal by Dejana Talis Story G Harry Potter  
Sometimes, the perfect moment comes all on its own.
* An ocean of ashes by blue Story PG Sailormoon  
A funeral brings some doubts to the Inner Court.
* An unexpected gift by regie Story PG RahXephon  
For Shitow Haruka, a training deployment aboard the Lilia Litvyak during Valentine's Day might provide her with more surprises that she could had ever expected.
* An Unlikely Meeting by Nephthys Moon Vignette G Crossover  
Shel has a twisted mind
* An Unwanted Confession by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Original Fiction  
Fr. Fibonacci could not help but roll his eyes when he heard the all-too-familiar voice of His Holiness, Pope John the 87th. He had come to visit the priest nearly every other day to confess some small sin or other ever since he had ascended to the papacy. No matter how inconsequential, the Pope felt it necessary to confess.
* Anatomy of a Lie by superkate Story PG House  
Wilson has never lied to his wives. But that doesn't mean he hasn't lied, either.
* And Red All Over by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Sailormoon  
What’s mine and gold and red all over?
* And Sand Becomes Glass by Tsuki Yuuki Vignette G Naruto  
A short scene between Gaara and Temari following their return to Sunagakure after the Chuunin exam. Drabble, 100 words. Written for the 20_inkspots community on Livejournal.
* And She Smiles by blue Story R Naruto  
Ninjas don't know how to have normal relationships.
And the World Fell Down by Baine Story PG13 Ginban Kaleidoscope  
After a practice session preparing for the Second Stage, Sakurano Tazusa has a chance encounter with a young man named Peet Pumps, who encourages her to believe in herself and shoot for the stars.
* Angel Electric by His lordship Chaos Story PG13 Sailormoon  
They should not have met this way. But now, with his father murdered and the Earth on the verge of going to war against the Moon Kingdom, Prince Endymion and his four most trusted Generals have traveled to the Moon in the hopes of forging a peaceful alliance between the two worlds. Their journey will bring them into the private chambers of the Quee...
Angel of the Night by Lady Yue Story R Sailormoon  
To save the ones you love, one must make sacrifices no matter what the cost may be for oneself.
* Angels We Have Heard On High by The Marauding Cupcake Vignette G Harry Potter  
Christmas is a time for family, especially in the Burrow. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve already passed on.
* Anniversary by blue Story PG13 Naruto  
Sakura decides a fitting punishment for Sasuke. (Note: This is NOT a romance.)
Anomaly by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
As Mamoru struggles to decide between Usagi or college in America, the Sailor Senshi find a certain lost toddler from the future and Usagi begins suffering mysterious physical pains that drain her of energy. These string of circumstances will bring about dark challenges none of the Sailor Senshi could ever have imagined facing as past and future co...
* Anticipation by Heavenly Pearl Vignette G Sailormoon  
Ami can’t wait for her first day of school.
* Anticipation by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
Thoughts and feelings of Ayato at the threshold of the tuning
* Apartment by chenoadawn Vignette PG Fullmetal Alchemist  
Takes place after the movie when Ed and Al have passed throught the gate.
* Apocalypse by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
"The apocalypse they prophesied has come marching down the drive..."
* Apotheosis by His lordship Chaos Story PG Sailormoon  
When you've lived and died and lived again, you start to notice all the little things you missed the first time around. More than ever you want to celebrate the things that are precious to you, those unexpected moments you treasure. Still, it's a hell of a way to spend Valentine Day...
* Appreciative by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Firefly  
Jayne finds Kayle in the engine room, and he immediately knows there’s trouble.
* Aqua Revenge by blue Vignette PG Sailormoon  
(sm_monthly: Michiru's month) A woman's wrath can be terrifying... [humor]
* Aquatic Hypnosis by Starsea Story PG Sailormoon  
Torn between fascination and repulsion, Zoisite really doesn't stand a chance against Princess Mercury when she's in her element.
* Are Not by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
The cards are not meant to predict the future.
* Are We Ashes and Wine? by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
He sits across from you at the table, glasses perched on the end of his Roman nose and a hand-rolled cigarillo hanging from his bee-stung lips. He stares at you with those clear-blue eyes you once adored, even if they always did look they were laughing at you, and the joke was a cruel one. But then all his jokes are cruel. It’s just who he is.
* Armageddon For Artemis by ViperInferno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Artemis faces chaos when he hears that he must be neutered. A comical twist of events answer a question that many Sailor Moon fans, as well as other people, think about: How does a talking cat react to having to be neutered?
* Arsenic by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Harry Potter  
Why Draco is, in fact, not the brains in the relationship.
* Art Class by perseverance Story PG Inuyasha  
Kagome's one day reveals all about her relationship between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.
* Arthur’s Battle by laceymoibella Story G Harry Potter  
Although they were expecting him, upon his arrival at Ron and Hermione's, Arthur finds the place to be seemingly deserted. Then his attention is caught by a certain noise which is closely followed by screams. As Arthur rushes into the room from where the commotion is coming from, he is brought up short by the sight before him.
* As I Lay Me Down by Nephthys Moon Story PG Harry Potter  
A short story about Ginny Weasley after the final battle is over. DH Spoilers. Written for Shelby.
* As One Door Closes, Another One Opens by cwiddy Vignette G Harry Potter  
Nicholas Flamel’s mother sends him to Paris to an apprenticeship.
* As One Door Closes... by cwiddy Story G Harry Potter  
Lily Evans just finished her last exam at Hogwarts and contemplates her life. Meanwhile, James Potter is contemplating his own life, with her.
As the Lightning falls by YF-21 Story PG13 Soul Calibur  
Overwhelmed by sorrow and despair, Sophitia receives an offer she can´t refuse. Please read and review.
* As the World Falls Down by Covenmouse Story PG13 Sailormoon  
After a strange man was found by the CherryHill Miko, it’s up to Priestess Rei to find out if he’s an enemy or a misguided innocent. [one-shot]
As We Stumble Along by Baine Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Sakura Kita High is a school with a reputation for being the smartest in the country. The only problem? No boys allowed! What's a guy supposed to do in order to learn with the best? Disguise himself as a female, of course!
* Asanuma Itto and the Skeleton in the Closet by superkate Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Six years ago, Asanuma Itto saw Chiba Mamoru for what he thought would be the last time. Now, thanks to a telephone call and the meddlesome ways of Kino Makoto, he's going out to lunch with Mamoru and has to decide whether or not to tell him the one thing he's kept from almost everyone: He's gay.
* Ashes to Ashes by Heavenly Pearl Story G Sailormoon  
Hino Rei feels as if she has been abandoned when her mother dies and her workaholic father leaves her with her grandfather at the Hikawa shrine.
* Asking a Favor by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Sailormoon  
Usagi needs to ask Minako a very strange favor.
* At the End of the Rainbow by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako wants to know if Motoki has ever chased a rainbow.
* At the Waterfall by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Nephrite finds Jupiter at the waterfall.
Atonement by sailorknight Story PG Sailormoon  
When a friend of Rei's experiences a traumatic event in his life, his flight from his pain leads him to the Hikawa Jinja, where he believes he can find a way to find atonement... with her help.
* Atonement ~ The Great Divide ~ by regie Story PG13 Madlax  
After months of living together, former Gazth-Sonika Elite Guard LT Limelda Jorg meditates on the past, the present and the challenge of living life with the burden of terrible sins weighting in on her new life.
* Auld Lang Syne by regie Vignette PG RahXephon  
genre_challenge - April Genre: angst - Theme: clothing (party hat)
Autumn Eyes by Jaded Catalyst Story PG13 The Naked Brothers Band  
Nat and Rosalina, just another drama-filled, twisted teenage romance waiting to happen. Everyone knows what they want. They know what they want. The only question is, what's stopping them?
* Avoidant Tendencies by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Harry Potter  
I continue to continue / to pretend / my life will never end
* Awake in Flames by Kihin Ranno Story PG Sailormoon  
Rei confronts Mamoru after he gets Usagi's hopes up during the Sleeping Beauty episode.
* Awaken by Shadowstar Story PG13 Crossover  
The first story in the 'Awaken' series. When Clark Kent and Mamoru Chiba are kidnapped, there's nothing linking the two together at first glance. But digging deeper, into the past, has always been the Senshi's specialty. Now, if only they could figure out what all this 'awakening' business is about...
* Awakening by Heavenly Pearl Vignette G Sailormoon  
Chibi-Usa, now Sailor Moon, learns a new attack when her friends are in danger.
Azure Dreaming by Loki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Usagi and the girls visit Australia, the Great Southern Land; ancient and yet ever-young. But they meet a girl by the name of Ket, but this mysterious girl is more than what she seems. What is the prophecy concerning the ancient Mayans and how is it connected with the Big Freeze, the Shitennou and the Senshi? Read and find out!

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