Poetry Corner: A Hero’s Heart by cwiddy

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-10-09 Modified:2008-10-09
Summary:What makes a hero? Sometimes it is deeds, and sometimes it is the heart behind the actions.
A Hero’s Heart

What makes one a hero?
Is it the reputation that causes fear?

Simple tasks can make one remembered:
The infant who lived through tragedy,
The woman who moves on after her child dies,
Or even the man who defends his home.

Myth is full of men with strength like a lion,
Women who are beautiful, and animals who talk.
Angels herald awe and amusement,
Fanciful creatures roam with humans here on earth.

What keeps a story remembered?
Why do we remember some deeds and forget others?

It is the way people deal with the hand they have been dealt
That determines if they are remembered.
The courage with which one lives day to day,
And the strength one shows in loving others.

Those who survive because they believe they can,
Who never give up even when faced with impossible odds.
Those who live life, not for themselves, but for others;
The truest hero is the one who LOVES.

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