The Gallery: Alphabetical by Title
An asterisk(*) denotes a completed piece.

I Would Fly to You But My Wings are Broken by amy pencil PG13 Inuyasha  
Kikyou with Wings, Kneeling in Blood
* Inuki~Chan~2007 by InukiTenchi pencil G Original  
It's just an art of my avatar on gaiaonline. =]

* Juri’s Sorrow by amy Color Pencil G Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Juri clutching a rose
* Just Another Day by Covenmouse Digital G Sailormoon  
... and now that I'm done, all I can think is "Mina has man hands." Anyway, the concept of this was more or less Makoto fixing the sink while Mina just kind of loiters around. It... probably doesn't convey that very well, but look!

* Kage's Two Tails by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop PG13 Sailormoon  
Kage's softtail and Mako-chan
* Kaname Chidori by InukiTenchi pencil and sketchpaper G Full Metal Panic!  
Kaname Chidori, the 'whispered' girl from Full Metal Panic!
* Kiki into the City by kelleh Colored pencil, ink G Kikis Delivery Service  
From Hayao Miyazaki's "Kiki's Delivery Service," Kiki flying into a new city with poor Jiji clinging for dear life.
Kill by PsychoxKillerxFreak Pencil, Pen, Colored Pencil PG Naruto  
Death to Tobi!
* Kimurenguin-sensei! by kelleh digital G Azumanga Daioh  
* KISS Assault by kelleh Digital G Original  
TRUE EVENT from Katsucon '05

* La la laaa by Papirini Photoshop G Sailormoon  
Whee. Enough said.
* Light vs. Dark by sailoreclipse Digital PG Sailormoon  
A small pic of Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Chaos.
* Little Balck Betty by Shadow Lady ink and markers on watercolor paper G Original  
Little girl version of my character Black Betty.
* Luna Lovegood by amy pencil and paper G Harry Potter  
Luna Lovegood holds up her wand while smiling.
* Luscious Lunar Lovin by crazy_spork_i_am photoshop PG13 Sailormoon  
An older piece from 2004...when collabs between Kirby+I were still pretty predominant in when I wanted my illustrations to be colored.

* Mako-chan by Lunnaya Paper, pencil, color pencils G Sailormoon  
* Me and Markky by InukiTenchi pencil and sketch paper G Original  
Just chibi's of me and my best friend Mark.
* Miki and Juri by amy Color Pencil G Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Miki and Juri in regular clothes
* Mistress of the Flames: DoS by Tesh-chan mechanical pencil G Sailormoon  
Rei in Jess's "Dawn of Serenity", after just emerging from the fire to face Nephrite with a serene smile.
* Modern Day by kelleh Ink G Original  
Everything but the kitchen sink ;P
* Mogami Kyoko by Jessi Digital G Skip Beat!  
Mogami Kyoko, Skip Beat.
* Monuments of Grace by Tranquiliala Pen G Original  
A pretty waste of ink.
* Moon Princess by Vipaka Digital Painting G Sailormoon  
Dream Princess Serenity, the one that plagues Mamoru all first season.
* My Little Secret by amy paper, pencil, color pencil G Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Juri in her school uniform with her open locket
* My Locket by amy paper, pencil G Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Juri gazes down on her precious locket smiling.

* Narutard! by kelleh Digital G Original  
What NOT to do when cosplaying.
* Navy King by EbonyRabbit Digital G Sailormoon  
A picture of the Princess of Uranus, who decided to make a bit of a change in her fashion. This picture is also an experiment with lighting.

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