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Sol Salvation by Adrian Tyndall Story PG13 Sailormoon  
After an argument that costs her her relationship with Michiru, Haruka comes across a man from another world, and her world begins to change. The Senshi soon become involved as a creature who is hunting this man down begins to revive the deadliest enemies they've ever faced.
* Warm by Ahnkitomi Vignette G Fruits Basket  
Mayuko, Hatori, and the journey to more than friendship.
* Adaption As by Ahnkitomi Vignette G Yu Yu Hakusho  
Keiko; adjustment.
* Twilight by Ahnkitomi Vignette PG Yu Yu Hakusho  
Botan/Keiko, a late night visit visit.
Lie in the Bed I Make by aishuu Story PG Harry Potter  
Neville during Deathly Hollows.
* Diagnosis, Dr. Chiba? by Ala Verity Story PG Sailormoon  
Trying to balance a job at the hospital with Tsukino Usagi at home requires a head full of patience and...a little distinction. So when an up and coming baby threatens to meld the two worlds together, can Doctor Chiba become Daddy Chiba on demand?
* Dancing With Darkness by alizeP Story R Sailormoon  
In a twist of time and fate, the Senshi find themselves enslaved to Metallia while the Shitennou were reborn to fight alongside of Endymion. Not everyone is who they appear to be, or fighting for what they claim but they are all seeking the Silver Crystal
* Kissing Strangers by alizeP Story PG13 Sailormoon  
What a tangled web we weave when we first begin to deceive.... Who knew that one little bet could cause so much trouble for Kunzite? Everyone but him apparently! Little drabble about Mina & Kunzite and the trouble she can get everyone into when they're not looking....
* Silver Millennium Vigenettes by alizeP Story R Sailormoon  
Compilation of interlinked short stories from the Silver Millennium written for sm monthly Jan. challenge. One-shots also fit in with my ongoing story "Dancing With Darkness". These stories include all the Senshi & Shitennou.
Unreliable Witness by alizeP Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Adonis told Minako her love fortune was that her duty would always be her love and that she will be loveless for eternity. His story verses history.
A Hard Love by AmawaHibiki18 Story PG13 Vision of Escaflowne  
He was a Prince, she was a Princess. They were meant to be married. He embraced that future long ago. Only one problem: she doesn`t wish to marry him.
The Red Wall by amy Story PG Harry Potter  
After a horrible event, Peter Pettigrew faces a difficult decision--will he finally take responsibility for his mistakes or will he continue to blame everyone around him like he has for his entire life?
Stolen Girl by AnGeLkIsSeS03 Story R Sailormoon  
Serena is dying on the inside...dreams plague her at night.Darien surprises her in an alley behind the crown arcade,he isn't whom she thought he was? It gets good..please keep with it! RR
* On Instinct Alone by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Bones  
Booth should have known fate had a twisted sense of humor. In a stalled elevator in the middle of a ferocious blizzard, Brennan goes into labor and Booth realizes in the midst of panic that he's going to have to deliver their baby.
* Special by AngelMoon Girl Story G Bones  
It's four in the morning, but few people in the Booth household are actually asleep.
* The Deviation in the Delivery by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Bones  
Confinement had never gone over well with seasoned FBI agent Seeley Booth, but it was a whole other beast entirely when you threw in his very pregnant partner girlfriend... and broke her water.
* The Serenity in the Shatters by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Bones  
"You're the father." In that instance's breath, the world turned upside down, or was it right side up, and Seeley Booth felt a joy quite unlike any he'd ever experienced before well up inside his chest.
* Forgive an Old Man by AngelMoon Girl Story G Harry Potter  
After receiving an alarming amount of owls regarding Harry the summer after his disastrous fifth year, Professor Dumbledore decides to pay the depressed teen a visit. On the musty old steps of the Weasleys' cellar, they discuss Sirius, the prophecy, and how best to avoid tickling a sleeping dragon. QUOTE: "I'm fine!" Harry protested, curl...
Harry Potter and the Power of Agape by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Harry's sixth year is tormented by Voldemort's decision that his time is up. Bleeding scars, a new DADA teacher, Occlumency with Dumbledore, Snape's loss of spy status due to a rescue gone wrong, and the prophecy are just a few of the trials in store... Please read Author's Comments before proceeding.
* Merlin’s Staff! by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Harry Potter  
Crackfic one shot. Second years Fred and George Weasley are up to their old tricks again as they attempt to escape detention by mercilessly haranguing McGonagall over a dirty saying.
* Wolf in Friend’s Clothing by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Harry Potter  
Few things truly provoke Albus Dumbledore's rage like attempting to kill Harry Potter under the guise of a friend. From the perspective of our beloved Headmaster, watch as the events following the Third Task unfold, when Harry Potter came back to Hogwarts... Cedric Diggory's dead body in tow.
* Like Breathing by AngelMoon Girl Story PG NCIS  
It figured, that they would be the type to go about this all completely and utterly backwards. But Tony isn't afraid, because he knows now, what it is to openly love and commit to another person... or two.
* Rule Breaker by AngelMoon Girl Story G NCIS  
Tony kills time waxing philosophical with Ziva at the annual NCIS Christmas party. "What can I say? I'm a natural born rule breaker."
* Stop Running by AngelMoon Girl Story PG NCIS  
Because sometimes, what happens under the watchful eyes of the Eiffel Tower has a way of following unsuspecting agents home. Sometimes, breaking a rule brings unexpected consequences and carefully hidden truths out into the open.
* Undone by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 NCIS  
"I can do the math, Ziva." Tags to Patriot Down.
* Apocalypse by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
"The apocalypse they prophesied has come marching down the drive..."
* Ebony Embrace by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
Nature haiku on the coming of dusk.
* Inconspicuous by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
Haiku on an emotion we all feel at times, invisible in the hordes...
* Midsummer Night Anomalies by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
Transcended by the stars and drowning in a maelstrom of love, we are anomalies yearning to touch under soft, sacred moonlight.
* The House That Time Forgot by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
The narrator visits their old house, reminiscing on years yore... when life was slow, and silence was honored; love courted, and children given the chance to grow. Also a reflection on time’s transience.
* The Listen Poesy: Sounds of Surf and Storm by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
Poetic glimpse through the eyes of an onlooker at the effect a tempest has on the ocean. Set at midnight by the seaside.
* Tiny Perfection by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
Tribute to the mother-child relationship.
* Winter’s Bane by AngelMoon Girl Poem G Original Fiction  
Nature haiku on winter and its bane. Read to reveal (ooh, incentive ^^).
* I Promise by AngelMoon Girl Story G Other Fandom  
They had known this day was coming. Known about it for almost four years, in fact. But no amount of foresight or harried contingency plans could have steeled Peter Bishop for the agony of separating from the two most important women in his life. Inspired by the 5x01 "Etta" promo.
* A Serious Case of the Snickers by AngelMoon Girl Story R Sailormoon  
Poor Serena and Darien have been trying to 'get it on' all evening, but their romantic mood hits a few snags when you throw in awkward underwear choices, overly ticklish body parts, and future daughters who don't knock.
Anomaly by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
As Mamoru struggles to decide between Usagi or college in America, the Sailor Senshi find a certain lost toddler from the future and Usagi begins suffering mysterious physical pains that drain her of energy. These string of circumstances will bring about dark challenges none of the Sailor Senshi could ever have imagined facing as past and future co...
* Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
Set during season one. What's the difference between infatuation and insanity? The line between coincidence and obsession? Come delve with me into the mind of Darien Chiba as he waits for Serena Tsukino (affectionately dubbed "Meatball Head") to perform their daily crash-and-feud ritual on the way to school.
* Crimson and Ebony by AngelMoon Girl Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
You kidnapped my heart and spirited away my dreams, never returning them whole like promised...
* Friday the Thirteenth by AngelMoon Girl Story R Sailormoon  
First season. Usagi and Mamoru unknowingly agree to babysit the same child, but the night holds more than they bargained for when four nosy, well-meaning, boisterous girls intent on playing matchmaker, practical jokes, strip poker, and a serial killer become involved.
Contest Winner * Hallows of a Past Life by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
What if, instead of being kidnapped, Darien died the night Serena was revealed as the Moon Princess? This one shot provides a glimpse fifteen years into the future, where a haunted and guilt-ridden Serena performs her yearly tradition of visiting Darien's grave. This time, her last, she decides to leave behind a memento to honor the sacrifice of th...
* Love Breeds Insanity by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
Usagi comes down with a fever just before her and Mamoru's first date since Galaxia's defeat. The concerned Senshi attempt to knock some sense into their ill Moon Princess, but she stubbornly intends to suffer through the evening with a smile. Fate has other plans. UM.
Love Hurts by AngelMoon Girl Story R Sailormoon  
It's frightening, how easy it is to let happily ever after fall to the wayside, until there are only remnants of a once beautiful relationship left. Despite what destiny promised Usagi and Mamoru, the trials and unforeseen costs of domestic life soon prove to be too much for the young couple. One particularly violent night, a wounded Usagi fle...
* Merry Christmas, Small Lady by AngelMoon Girl Story G Sailormoon  
Small Lady's first Christmas is hampered by the absence of her father. While Neo-Queen Serenity suffers in silence, Mars- Crystal Tokyo's favorite "Scrooge"- tries to devise a Christmas miracle. Can she reunite the royal family for the holidays? UM.
* My Greatest Fear by AngelMoon Girl Story G Sailormoon  
One calm, intimate afternoon in Mamoru's apartment, Usagi brings up the subject of fear. What could her brave, chivalrous, rose-wielding hero possibly be afraid of? One shot, set around early season three.
* No Light Promise by AngelMoon Girl Story G Sailormoon  
One shot. Two days proceeding the battle with Galaxia, the Senshi organize a long-overdue sleepover. Insomnia follows, and Rei discovers Usagi has been more than a little traumatized after having to, once again, endure the deaths of those closest to her.
Quirk of Fate by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Reclusive med-student Chiba Mamoru would never have gotten caught up in the fantastical world of superheroes, moon princesses, and nefarious alien queens were it not for a little mishap involving Tokyo's legendary Sailor Moon and his car's front bumper...
Saving Bonds of Love by AngelMoon Girl Story R Sailormoon  
Post-Stars. After a hilarious roadtrip involving nasty speeding tickets and awkward romantic mishaps, the girls and Mamoru are more than ready for their relaxing vacation at the ocean. Unfortunately, it seems peace never lasts long for the Sailor Senshi of the White Moon. A vengeful new enemy slips into their midst, carefully plotting a crusade aga...
* Serenity for the Mother’s Aching Heart by AngelMoon Girl Story G Sailormoon  
Mid-Stars. After accidentally triggering the Silver Crystal's power, Tsukino Ikuko is granted a gift: one trip to Crystal Tokyo. There, she meets Neo-Queen Serenity and experiences a change of perspective, proudly realizing that her daughter was a true soldier.
Snapshots of the Royals by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Marriage is a powerful bond in life, and raising a child only serves to strengthen it... A series of one shots in chronological order, beginning with the birth of Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity to Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. The royal monarchs must make a sharp distinction between caring for Small Lady and ruling a kingdom, howev...
* The First Night by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
One shot. After consummating their marriage, newlyweds Usagi and Mamoru face their own breed of fear, be it homesickness or insecurity. Lucky for them, true love conquers all... even wedding night jitters.
Contest Winner * The Flower Vow by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Sailormoon  
He promised Tsukino Usagi a flower for every day of her pregnancy, but Chiba Mamoru should have known that even the best laid plans have a horrible tendency of going awry.
Twenty Kisses by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Sailormoon  
From the whimsical scheme of a kissing booth to the heartwrenching pain of losing a child, this series of drabbles and one shots will encompass it all. Instances of intimacy between Usagi and Mamoru in each of their incarnations.
Contest Winner * Untouchable by AngelMoon Girl Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Five years ago, Neo-Queen Serenity died and King Endymion was pressured into taking another wife for the sole purpose of producing an heir. Now, replacement Queen Lady Venus pines for the man already in her grasp... the one she can never have.
* War Games by AngelMoon Girl Story G Sailormoon  
Sailor Mars and Neo-Queen Serenity discuss ten-year-old Chibiusa's progress, or lack thereof, in Senshi training. Mars thinks the girl isn't ready for her second debut in the past, but Serenity has faith in her daughter's abilities. One shot.
Blood and Moonlight by AnnLovedrew Story R Sailormoon  
What happenes when you are immortal? What happens when time has no meaning to you? What happens when no human weakness can reach you? Why do you love humanity? Why do you watch it? Why do you reach for the impossible - a mortal man? Can love destroy all bariers? Find out by reading this story...
Silver Millenium: The Legend by AnnLovedrew Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Every legend needs a beginning. Every warrior has a past. This is the beginning of Sailor Moon - her life in the Silver Millenium. The history behind the story, the drama, the passion, the love and finally destruction. Never lose hope. They never did and they lived life at its fullest. "We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny....
Prince in White - A Mamoru Story by Aph Story G Sailormoon  
This is the PGSM Live Action, retold from Mamoru’s point of view. It is mostly centred on his romance with Usagi, though there will be the other aspects as well. Read and enjoy! =)
Contest Entry * For Love or Duty by Araya Vignette G Original Fiction  
One man’s choice determines everything.
* A Little Bit Cynical by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
After hundreds of years alone, perhaps she is just a little bit cynical.
* Desire by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
"Those who restrain their desires, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained." – William Blake
* Fallen Star by Araya Story PG Sailormoon  
We come across fallen stars all throughout our lives; but it is those that succumb to love, that shine the brightest.
* Her Own Personal Nightmare by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
JunJun wants more than anything to return to her dream, no matter how infuriating, because anything is better than this place. Her own personal nightmare.
* In Vino Veritas by Araya Story PG13 Sailormoon  
There is truth in wine.
* Invincible by Araya Story PG Sailormoon  
Mamoru reminds Setsuna of the woman she is.
* Left in Silence by Araya Story G Sailormoon  
As a sailor senshi, it is my obligation to carry out my mission; but as a mother, I can hardly think to abandon you.
* Like Red on a Rose by Araya Story PG13 Sailormoon  
She's where he belongs, like red on a rose.
* Lonely, Immortal Star by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
There would be no more evil, no more wars, and no more lonely, immortal stars.
* Lust by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
Endymion gazes at lust from afar
* Scorned by Araya Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Her lips were full and inviting. That is what he desired most about her.
* She Only Smokes When She Drinks by Araya Story PG13 Sailormoon  
He scowls before continuing, “Some say she is cursed by her beauty, always the one night stand, never the soul mate. Others say she is waiting for her one true love to return to her.”
* Some Skeletons Are Better Left in the Closet by Araya Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Some Skeletons Are Better Left in the Closet.
* Tempting Fate by Araya Story PG Sailormoon  
The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.
* Woes of Motherhood by Araya Vignette G Sailormoon  
Luna reflects upon becoming a mother.
Contest Winner * A Greater Love by Ashaela Story PG Sailormoon  
In Crystal Tokyo, during their Christmas Eve celebration, Usagi has to make a decision about her future.
* The Perils of Being Tuxedo Kamen by Ashaela Story G Sailormoon  
Mamoru really hasn't been having a good day. Between the doctors, the monsters, the fangirls and the lawyers, what's our favorite Cape Boy to do?
* The Sacrifice by Ashaela Story G Sailormoon  
Building a new world, a new hope for life on earth, always means relinquishing something else. That price, paid both for the sake of mankind and for each other, requires more than Usagi and Mamoru ever thought they'd have to give....
* Enemies? by Asharii Sinclair Poem PG Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle  
This is a tribute to AshuraXYasha
Caught Halfway by Ashlucard713 Story R Trigun  
The Gung-Ho Guns are dead; Legato’s deeds fading into memory. But Knives still has secrets, responsibilities. And they’re all wrapped up in one young girl... Anime inspired, Manga spiced.

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