Poetry Corner: Midsummer Night Anomalies by AngelMoon Girl

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2009-12-02 Modified:2009-12-02
Summary:Transcended by the stars and drowning in a maelstrom of love, we are anomalies yearning to touch under soft, sacred moonlight.
Midsummer Night Anomalies

A vision of Eve
No mere mortal can perceive
Ebony shades on a countenance of pearl
Tempest, the girl

Sapphire joins emerald
But only an embrace can herald
This message sent down from above
We drown in a maelstrom of love


Exquisitely beautiful, this pale faced Adonis
With eyes of sharp cobalt
That darken in desire
My body reacts as if to a fire

Veins they combust
Lips they brush
Moonlight it beckons
As we stand under this heavenly reckon


We are the ancient, we are the youth
The fever in our eyes doest foretell the truth

Anomalies in the midsummer night
Yearning to touch under soft, sacred light

In lieu of waking dreams
Rose petals scour the earth in reams

Transcended by the stars
We are the lovers

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