The Gallery: Alphabetical by Title
An asterisk(*) denotes a completed piece.

* Pandora by amy pencil and paper G Original  
This is just a picture of a realistic woman.
* Pardon Moi by Covenmouse Digital G Final Fantasy VII  
I don't do FFVII fanart much if... ever, though I've always enjoyed Reno/Rude. This kind of went AU/KH-verse obviously, but.. uh... lol. XD sorry. Highlighter scribble pants FTW. ;D Reno and Rude belong to Square-enix.
* Police Girl by kelleh digital PG Hellsing  
Seras Victoria of Hellsing.

No artwork found.

Contest Winner * Rainy Day by Bella*Luna Pencil, photoshop G Original  
The lyric is from a song by Sara Bareilles and I don't know what it was about the words, but when I heard them this scene was in my head. It was sad and beautiful at the same time. Something was wrong, but there was something calming abo
* Red-lined Usa by Lunnaya Ink G Sailormoon  
A quick thingie in the midst of work.
* Regulus Black by The Marauding Cupcake Digital Art Pad, 2B G Harry Potter  
The title says it all....
* Riku by yog_live Pencil G Kingdom Hearts  
From Kingdom Hearts
* Rockabilly Mercury and Venus by Covenmouse Traditional/Digital Mix G Sailormoon  
Redesign of Venus and Mercury
* Rockabilly Moon by Covenmouse Traditional/Digital Mix G Sailormoon  
Sailor Moon costume redesign
* Roy Mustang by kelleh digital G Fullmetal Alchemist  
Roy Mustang in mid-attack

* Sailor Mercury road dot by olesia Acrylic G Sailormoon  
It's Sailor Mercury from the Mixx cover of volume SuperS 2. She has a harp. She's on a road dot.
* Sailor Moon Odeum by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop G Sailormoon  
Comic-style group shot from the fanfiction Sailor Moon Odeum
* Sailor Star Healer by Lunnaya Paper, pencil G Sailormoon  
Sailor Star Healer.
* Sailor V-chan by Lunnaya Pencil and paper G Sailormoon  
Manga Sailor V-chan with a rose.
Sailormoon Lo-Fi (a series) by crazy_spork_i_am digital, photoshop G Sailormoon  
Special sneak peek for .mooners! The beginnings of SM Lo-Fi!
* Seated Rin in Modern Dress by amy pencil and paper G Inuyasha  
This is a simple picture of Rin, seated in a modern dress.
* Sesshoumaru road dot by olesia Acrylic G Inuyasha  
A painting of Sesshoumaru from the series Inuyasha, on a road dot.
* Sharp Dressed Man by Covenmouse Traditional Ink G Sailormoon  
Doodlings of Mercury/Ami and Zoisite
* Sip of Eternity by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop G Sailormoon  
Take a sip of Eternity - Setsuna and Chronus.
* Sleeping by StarzAngelus pencil, paint G Harry Potter  
Hermione sleeping on a Slytherin's bed...
* Strikin A Pose! by PsychoxKillerxFreak Pen G Naruto  
Gaara, arms crossed.
* Sunset road dot by olesia Acrylic G Original  
A sunset on a road dot, with white silhouettes of people.
* Suzu by Solarmoon Photoshop 7.0 G Original  
This is what I did for a friend's contest on Deviantart, it's her sister's original character Suzu, her magical power is Snow. Leo owns the character NOT ME....I just own the artwork lol

* Take My Hand aka "Accept It" by EbonyRabbit pencil and Photoshop PG13 Sailormoon  
Remember this scene from the manga? They came so close to really awakening, but then...
Contest Winner * Tanabata: Infinity by Tranquiliala Pencil G Original  
O Tanabata o tanabata how long these two lover have been separated. La la la la la la la la la.
* Tentacles by PsychoxKillerxFreak Pens, Colored Pencil, Pencil PG Naruto  
Hidan and Kakuzu
Terra has no scenery by olesia Colored Pencil G Final Fantasy VI  
Terra of Final Fantasy VI (who is obviously partially based off of Rydia from FFIV. Hello!) accompanied by Biggs/Vicks and Wedge of Final Fantasy VI, primarily based off of Star Wars (A New Hope).
* The Dragon and the King by LeGrande Grover Pen, Photoshop G Sailormoon  
The Dragon and the King cannot share the same love - anyone caught in the middle would surely be torn apart.
* The Fall of Crystal Tokyo by SailorDragon Photoshop PG13 Sailormoon  
Inspired by Lord Chaos' "1101" and Angus MacSpon's "Sailor Moon 4200"
* The Melancholy of Haruhi Fujioka by kelleh digital G Crossover  
A meeting between Suzumiya Haruhi and Fujioka Haruhi goes terribly awry.
* The Motivations of Kyoshiro by yog_live ink G Samurai Deeper Kyo  
This is taken from the scene in the manga where Kyoshiro tells of the purpose behind his motivations to kill his rival Kyo.
* The Prisoner by Dejana Talis Ink and Photoshop G Sailormoon  
Tomoe Hotaru, fanart for Lord Chaos's story "The Paranoia Groove." Drawn by hand in pencil, then inked, scanned, and colored with Photoshop.
* The Sound You Never Want to Hear by olesia Acrylic G X-Men  
Acrylic painting of the character Wolverine of the Marvel Universe, from on the cover of the mini-series Meltdown #1.
* Tinkerbell by chenoadawn pencil, paint G Peter Pan  
Tinkerbell as I drew her on my daughter's bedroom wall
* Toph Bei Fong by Jessi Digital PG Avatar: The Last Airbender  
Toph Bei Fong, all grown up.

* Usa in Nemesis by sailoreclipse Digital PG Sailormoon  
A pic of Usagi while she's trapped on the outfit Prince Demando puts her in.
* Usagi sketch by Lunnaya Ink G Sailormoon  
Sketch of Usagi

* Vampiric Kakashi by NausicaaWind Pencil PG Naruto  
Fave Naruto Character as a Vampire. Go Kakashi. Woot woot!
* Violet Firefly by EbonyRabbit Digital G Sailormoon  
A very, very purple picture of the Princess of Saturn.

* When I’m Sick by Covenmouse Traditional Ink G Sailormoon  
Scribbling of Rei and Jadeite.
* Windy Pigtails by Bella*Luna Pencil G Sailormoon  
A simple, nothing sketch of Usagi, waist up.
* Wistful by Kats Printer paper, regular pen G Sailormoon  
Fan art for Cher's fic
* With a Rose in Her Hand by amy paper, pencil PG13 Revolutionary Girl Utena  
Juri holds a rose blossom.

No artwork found.

* Yin-Yang by Dejana Talis Pencil PG13 Original  
Yin and yang, good and evil...

* Zetsu by PsychoxKillerxFreak Pen, Colored Pencil PG Naruto  
Zetsu, The Devil's Enforcer

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