General Gallery: Terra has no scenery by olesia

Fandom:Final Fantasy VI
Medium:Colored Pencil


Added 2007-03-21


Terra of Final Fantasy VI
(who is obviously partially based off of Rydia from FFIV. Hello!)

accompanied by Biggs/Vicks and Wedge of Final Fantasy VI, primarily based off of Star Wars (A New Hope).

Artist's Comments:

Version 2 (how in the world do you get multiple images for one gallery entry? It eludes me). The scanner won't even come close to getting an accurate color rendition of this image, which is most unfortunate. It is, however, not purple, and unfinished, so I will survive.

Okay. This is version two, wherein we introduce Terra's very short-lived sidekicks, Biggs / Vicks, and Wedge. Since they're originally based off of characters from the Star Wars series, I'm calling them Biggs and Wedge, and thus based their physical appearances off the actual actors/characters. Original!Biggs has a cape and neckerchief! Zomg.

As soon as I can find some good source images and patience, I'm going to attempt a background of their tank-things (Magi-Tech Armor? I can't remember what they're called).

The logos on Biggs and Wedge are based off of the design on their sprite helmet profiles. No clue what it's supposed to be.

Terra is a combination of Amano/In-Game style, so her hair is half green/half blonde.

That is a shitty dagger on her right side. Yes.

Based off of a crapload of official art, and is copyright Square whatever Co and all the respective creators/character designers/etc.

There are way too many comments.

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