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* Nanosecond by Baine Story PG Sailormoon  
[PGSM] My two halves merge, causing me to revert to the form that I was born into in this lifetime. I am Tsukino Usagi once more. Not a princess, not a senshi, just a normal girl. A normal girl hugging her normal the middle of a warzone.
* Naughty Taiki by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
A bored Taiki is a perverted Taiki.
Navigating by superkate Story R CSI: Crime Scene Investigation  
In his time with Bobby Dawson, Nick learns to navigate his way through many trials and tribulations.
* Need and Want by Moon_Destiny Story PG Sailormoon  
There was something in the air. (A Usagi/Mamoru first-season romance.)
* Nehelenia's Curse by Heavenly Pearl Story G Sailormoon  
Helios is frustrated by the curse Nehelenia put on him that turned him into a Pegasus.
* Neith by His lordship Chaos Story PG Sailormoon  
The Inner Senshi encounter a very quiet but poignant homecoming, as they discover that a long-forgotten legacy of their past lives is the answer to an old riddle that has plagued astronomers for centuries regarding the enigmatic "moon" of Venus.
* Neon Monkey by Papirini Story PG Sailormoon  
A new enemy has appeared to menace Sailor Moon. She is no ordinary demon - she is so dangerous, so fearful, so evil.!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! This isn't a real summary for this, right? Right?! Seriously, Are you KIDDING ME? Her, DANGEROUS? HAHAHAHA.... *dies*
* Never Always by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
She knew she wasn
* Never Been Kissed by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
When it comes to Minako, Rei only has one boundary.
* Never Jack by Sapphiregirl Story PG King Kong  
Standing on the roof of the Empire State Building, Ann reflects on how life has a peculiar way of intervening and rendering the best intentions so many empty words. Snapshot of the end of the movie. AnnJack
* Never Once Imagined by Hermoine Jean Granger Story G Harry Potter  
What's so remarkable about Love at first sight? Viktor had never known, until she came along. Henceforth, every breath that escaped his lips were for her, and her alone. Could he face her, eye to eye? Even the greatest of wizards crumble to pieces when faced by the overpowering force of love, and he was no exception. The challenge was tou...
* Never, Neverland by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Firefly  
The crew of Firefly find a few old books, and one has a profound effect on Inara.
* Neverwhere by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Veronica Mars  
Veronica's first brush with death.
New Beginings by regie Story PG13 RahXephon  
The world has been succesfully tuned and finds itself at peace with the Mu, but one Shitow Haruka faces a discovery that no one would have expected. How this will affect her life?
* Night into Day by Loki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Saturn is caught between life and death, but what will be her ultimate fate?
* Night Star Shining by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Crystal Tokyo. A utopia, but only for some. With the Sailor Senshi focused solely on protecting the city's elite, a pair of mysterious heroes appears with its own definition of love and justice.
* Night Watch by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Two Death Eaters on watch during that fateful Halloween night.
* Nimue’s Sleeping Draught by cwiddy Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Nimue is brewing a potion just for Merlin.
* Nirvana by regie Story PG13 Bubblegum Crisis  
What can push you to risk your life in a city that will do all it can to cover up your good deeds? One character bares her soul to explain.
* Nishi no Hi by Starsea Vignette G Sailormoon  
Makoto asks Nephrite why his colour is red. Written for the February 2007 "Red" theme.
* Njörðr by Hanabi Story PG Sailormoon  
Nobody can escape their fate. ~ A glimpse into one of the many lives of a Shitennou.
* No Excuses by Masked Maiden Vignette G Sailormoon  
A drabble written for the post-series month at Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. Mamoru forgets something very important.
* No Light Promise by AngelMoon Girl Story G Sailormoon  
One shot. Two days proceeding the battle with Galaxia, the Senshi organize a long-overdue sleepover. Insomnia follows, and Rei discovers Usagi has been more than a little traumatized after having to, once again, endure the deaths of those closest to her.
* No Longer Alone by Heavenly Pearl Story PG13 Kaleido Star  
After his sister's tragic death, Leon was left alone in the world. However, when an ex-girlfriend dies six years later, he discovers the existence of a daughter he never knew he had. Leon has no interest in being a father, but with Sora's help, maybe they can become a family.
* No Longer Perfect by December Vignette PG Here is Greenwood  
"It was so perfect; I still don’t know what happened." A character reflects on a couple she didn’t see coming. Written for the 2008 V-day challenge
* No Loophole by IzzyJel Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Sometimes knowing the future is like a knife in your heart. Other times, it’s like a knife in someone else’s. She Must Not Interfere.
* No Pictures by Starsea Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Yaten and Minako clash on the definition of literature. Written for the "Literature" challenge, July 2006.
* No Place by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
Luna and Artemis visit a place they had never expected to see again, and with it, the memories of a long-lost lifetime.
* No Sacrifice by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
She wanted to be hysterical, but she couldn't be. Not then.
* No Such Thing by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Sailormoon  
Yaten knows that there is no such thing as safe sex.
* No Thank Yous to Hear by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Harry Potter  
In times when you are wasted, I will walk in / through the door, pick you from the floor
* Nocturnal Revelations by regie Story R RahXephon  
A stormy night. A secret that wishes to come out to the open. A confusing and yet comforting emotion that begins to grow. The night brings out the secrets and arouses the passions that hide in the dark waiting for truth to set them free.
* Noise Versus Emptiness by superkate Story R Law & Order: SVU  
Sometimes, the reason you start something isn't the reason you keep doing them.
* Normal Enough by wickedtrue Story PG Sailormoon  
" you think that's odd, even for Mina-chan?" Usagi asked him. "Do you think we should worry?" Mamoru countered. Neither was quite sure. Minako/Kunzite
* Not a Virgin Anymore by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
One of the Inner Senshi isn't a virgin anymore.
* Not Bent by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Motoki thought he was the sort of man who would bend, not break.
* Not enough... by blue Vignette PG Sailormoon  
sm_monthly feburary theme: Prince Demando (What princes think of in the dark.)
* Not Like This by mrsmcclnt Vignette PG Harry Potter  
The confrontation between Gellert and Albus
* Not Sixteen Candles by Heavenly Pearl Vignette G Sailormoon  
Everybody wonders exactly how old Setsuna is when they decide to throw her a surprise birthday party.
Contest Entry * Not So Lucky by Heavenly Pearl Story G Crossover  
After reading about the magic of Hikawa good luck charms in one of her magazines, Ran heads to Juuban to get one for herself, and, hopefully, pass her English test.
* Not What It Seems by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
People are not always as they appear to be.
* Not Yet by h_vic Vignette G Harry Potter  
Just a touch of Katie/Oliver fluff.
* Not-So-Simple Question by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
It was just a not-so-simple question.
* Novacain by Nephthys Moon Story PG Sailormoon  
Mamoru gets a bit broody about Seiya's continued presence in Tokyo.
* November Third by blue Story PG Sailormoon  
Hino Rei was not the perfect daughter, but neither were her parents perfect themselves. On November 3rd, Rei thinks back to a time when they were still, however, family.
* Now We Are Young by His lordship Chaos Story PG Sailormoon  
We build our lives upon stories. One night, in the far distant future, Helios and Setsuna play storytellers to each other, revealling past secrets and future hopes.
* Null by Nephthys Moon Vignette G Bones  
He never expected it to be this way

* Oak Evolution by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
On the eve of the birth of Crystal Tokyo, a Sailor Senshi makes one last selfish choice.
Obedience by Kyae Story PG13 Fruits Basket  
When Yuki is found unconsious and bleeding in that dark room, ten years after the first time everyone knows something must be done to protect him - but who can defy god? Who can someone who's lost their hope trust in the end?
* Obon by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako is interrupted while mourning a man she never really knew.
Oceanus Procellarum: A Silver Millennium Adventure by Moon_Goddess Story PG13 Sailormoon  
The Silver Millennium; the most glorious era. Queen Selenity announces the birth of her new daughter. Soon after, a war between the moon and an unknown planet occurs. Because of the war, Selenity discusses a peace treaty with Earth. Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion are to be wed when Serenity comes of age. The treaty holds strong, but what hap...
* Ode to a Prisoner of Time by Heavenly Pearl Poem G Sailormoon  
A poem written in honor of the Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto.
* Of Love and Orange Blossoms by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Sailormoon  
Written for the Sailor Moon Monthly Fanfiction Challenge. June Challenge - Day Three: Tiger Lily
* Of Man’s Endless Pursuit to Be at One with Nature by Kihin Ranno Poem PG Original Fiction  
A poem inspired by romantic poetry and thought of half-asleep in the morning while listening to my suite mate bang her boyfriend.
* Of Proposals by Cheshlin Story G Harry Potter  
Ron has been looking for the right moment to propose to Hermione and hopes tonight is the night. Conversation goes to what the future holds for both of them throughout their dinner, but will the right moment ever come?
* Offerings in the Darkness by h_vic Story PG Harry Potter  
He had been little more than a boy when his mother had died. At a loss for how to comfort the grieving child he barely knew, and seeking perhaps the familiar routines of his own childhood in solace, his father had taken him to church. Severus, however, had found no comfort in the austere, hallowed stone of the chapel, but he found something in the ...
* Oi, I Blame the Door by Sabraa Story PG Harry Potter  
It's Harry's decision to break up with Ginny. He doesn't have to get back together with her because other people tell him it's HER choice. (And why do people keep taking Harry's Cloak without permission, anyway?
* Ominous Beauty by Bella*Luna Story G Sailormoon  
The people of Mars are not the only ones gifted with the sight to foresee the future.
* on a cold day, she can see the future. by Sokudo Ningyou Story G Sailormoon  
A sequel to "from afar, she watches the rainbow." One of those one-shots that just kind of comes out of nowhere.
* On Her Wedding Day by Heavenly Pearl Vignette G Sailormoon  
It's the day Princess Lady Serenity has been waiting for her entire life: her wedding day.
* On Ice by Kihin Ranno Vignette R Buffy the Vampire Slayer  
Spike hates her and he loves her and they both know that neither of those feelings matter.
* On Instinct Alone by AngelMoon Girl Story PG Bones  
Booth should have known fate had a twisted sense of humor. In a stalled elevator in the middle of a ferocious blizzard, Brennan goes into labor and Booth realizes in the midst of panic that he's going to have to deliver their baby.
* On the Circuit by blue Vignette PG Sailormoon  
sm_monthly (Michiru's month): Crippled [scene inspired by MARS the manga]
* On the Half Chance by Loki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Chiba Mamoru finds himself in a bit of a pickle, he is the sponsor of a charity play for the children at the orphanage where he himself had grown up, and has put his heart and soul into making it a success, but when he is asked to play the role of the rabbit in a version of Alice in Wonderland, he refuses to dress up as a rabbit. Enter Usagi, queen...
* On the outside by yin_kita Poem G Original Fiction  
Just a poem I have a ton
* On the Spire by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Sometimes Endymion wishes Venus were not so self-reliant.
* Once Devoted by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Sailormoon  
Beryl was once loyal.
* One Kiss by Heavenly Pearl Story PG13 Sailormoon  
In an alternate future where the Black Moon's plans succeed, Neo-Queen Serenity is held prisoner by Prince Demando. However, when an injured King Endymion is captured, Demando agrees to let her see him for the price of a kiss.
* One Last Favour by Starsea Story PG Sailormoon  
Endymion has one last thing to do before he leaves for the moon.
* One Last Night by Heavenly Pearl Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Helios and Serenity spend one last passionate night together before they say good-bye forever.
* one last sweet taste. by Sokudo Ningyou Story G Sailormoon  
Growing up is never easy. Neither is realizing you never can.
* One night can change everything by makotochan Story R Sailormoon  
One Hour Challenge #5, #76 and #17 from Destiny's Gateway combined. The girls get drunk and dare Usagi to take Mamoru's jacket from his house. But things get a little more complicated. Fluffly, soft smug. Oneshot.
* One Proud Wife by Masked Maiden Story G Sailormoon  
Some wives constantly complain and fuss about their husbands. But when it comes to Usagi, she can say only one thing about her Mamo-chan.
* One Step Ahead by Loki Story PG13 Sailormoon  
As Katrina AKA Sailor V watches the warehouse go up in flames from atop another building nearby with Artemis by her side, she prepares to shed her past in London and trek across Europe, the sub-continent to Asia where Tokyo awaits her arrival. Will she and her guardian make it in one piece?
* One Way Or Another by Lady Yue Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Determined to settle the conflict in her heart, Sailor Moon breaks an unspoken rule. Set in the Dark Kingdom arc.
* Only A Whisper by ScarlettShannon Story R Harry Potter  
Harry thought his problems would be over after defeating the Dark Lord but there’s still a lot he must overcome. But he will learn to trust that he’ll never have to face his fears alone.
* Only You by mrsmcclnt Vignette G Harry Potter  
A continuation from Something In Common (Snape/Sprout)
* Open Your Eyes by Koneko Story R Rurouni Kenshin  
(Modern Day) Life is finally clear and good for Kenshin and what happens? A tragedy what tears his life apart. Suicide and Character death. Songfic.
* Opening Game by twiknham Story PG13 Last Exile  
The crew of the Silverna before we meet them.
* Ordeal by Vayleen Vignette R Sailormoon  
In showbusiness, you have to start at the bottom and sacrifice for fame.
Order in the Court by DaBlackRose Story PG13 Sailormoon  
When a gold digger gets his hands on rich Serena Alexander it comes down to a messy divorce and Serena goes for the best, Rei Hino a lawyer with a rockin reputation and a knack for uncovering scandalous situations. [AR]
* Origins of the Senshi by chenoadawn Vignette G Sailormoon  
Controversial veiw on the creation of the Senshi from Setsuna's outlook.
Orihime’s Groundhog Day by magicsmith Story R Bleach  
Orihime declares for love for Ichigo while they are studying together. Problems result from the declaration leading to Orihime making an interesting decision.
* Our Shangri-La by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Sailormoon  
Do you think it was our Shangri-La?
Out of Place by Ellourrah Story PG13 Sailormoon  
When the timeline is disrupted, fights break out among the scouts and Usagi turns to an unexpected partner. Even as the others try to fight their way through to the Dark Kingdom, an even more evil enemy hides in the shadows.
* Ovens and Hexes by IzzyJel Story PG Harry Potter  
The day before they die, Molly chases her brothers from her house with a barrage of hexes. Now, some stupid Muggle plug holds too much meaning to bear.
* Overheard - A Cultural Conversation Clash by December Vignette G Sailormoon  
The result of a plot bunny. An answer to the question: what would one character think of the conversation of another culture?
* Owned by ScarlettShannon Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Harry and Draco have Potions together. Harry muses about Draco, and attempts sneakiness.

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