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Rating:PG Created:2009-06-21
Genre:General Updated:2009-07-19
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Normal Enough (PHP)


" you think that's odd, even for Mina-chan?" Usagi asked him.

"Do you think we should worry?" Mamoru countered.

Neither was quite sure.


Author's Comments:

This started out as a character study (what if the senshi found out about the Shitennou stones Mamoru keeps?) and grew from there. It was so much fun to write! :D I hope you enjoy it.

DISCLAIMER: These characters do not belong to me. They belong to Naoko Takeuchi and others. I'm just borrowing them for a bit!

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Review by Loki 2009-07-03

What a fascinating concept! I love the original flavor of this ficlet, and yes, you ought to consider continuing this. :)

I loved the interaction between the characters, Minako's flight out of Mamoru's apartment and her encore for the sandals was hilarious. I thought the cats curling up together was so cute and I loved the dialogue.

I only found a couple of things you might like to think about, grammar/punctuation, mostly pretty good, but for misuse of (?!) a few pe... (more)
Review by Cazza 2009-06-29

Oooh. I like this story. I hope you keep updating, and real soon!!! Oh, and I really like your characters. Classic. xoxo
Review by VO1 2009-06-28

I think I've read this before, and I just wanted to say again that I love it, if anything, especially for Rei's line: "NO! He's stupid with girls!" XD Icing on the cake.

Love it. Keep writing! I would love to see this continued!

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