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Sailor Moon Zodiac by CearaIvory Story PG13 Crossover  
After the Stars season, everything seems to be going great. Usagi and her friends are having the best time at Juban Gakuen. Mamoru decided not to return to America and to finish his studies at home, not wishing to leave Usagi again. Post Episode 26: Everything seems to be going well for the Sohma family as well. For the moment, Akito is not attempt...
Tsuki no Bara by CearaIvory Story PG13 Crossover  
When Serenity sent her daughter and court to a new future on Earth, instead of being reborn in Tokyo 20th Century, they are reborn in medieval France. Crossover with Beauty and the Beast, characters are definitely OOC or as I prefer to call it, developed accordingly. Cast: Belle as Sailor Venus, Gaston as Tuxedo Mask, Pink Triplet aka Bunny as Sail...
* A Day at the Beach by December Vignette G Crossover  
A small scene inserted into the manga, volume 11. Just another day at the beach for a rice ball, the cat, a girl, and her dog. Fruits Basket/Animaniacs crossover.
A Month as a Time Walker by December Story PG Crossover  
Suppose you had the chance to reunite a family separated by a power play? Would you? And who would you be willing to hurt to gain this reunion?
Beyond the Drama by December Story PG13 Crossover  
A villain tries to destory the team that could do anything and 1 future hero is their only hope of being saved...or the way they are destroyed. A Batman Beyond/Kim Possible crossover.
* Sailor Canoehead by Dustinus Story G Crossover  
Sailor Moon as you've never seen her before: under watertight caulking!
Indifference by echo Story PG Crossover  
A choice made, Destiny is altered, and Tsukino Usagi ends up somewhere she really ought not be.
Contest Entry * Not So Lucky by Heavenly Pearl Story G Crossover  
After reading about the magic of Hikawa good luck charms in one of her magazines, Ran heads to Juuban to get one for herself, and, hopefully, pass her English test.
Double Exposure by Huitzil Story PG13 Crossover  
The final battle with Pharaoh 90 is delayed by a week and two teams try to stop him. The Senshi are noble, pure, inheritors of a magical legacy and a glorious destiny. The Hoffmann Institute has a team of screw ups and failures scraping by on the skin of their teeth in a world where no two parts were made to fit together. And both sides think that ...
* Bloody Tricks by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
Spike/Bellatrix - Harry Potter and Buffy Crossover
* Daughters of Lightning by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
To say that Kino Makoto is pissed is a royal understatement.
* Elevenses with Elphaba by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Crossover  
Snape and the Wicked Witch of the West sit down for some tea.
* False Accusations by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Crossover  
Percy really should have known better.
Contest Winner * If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Crossover  
Jack meets up with the Doctor after the events of Children of Earth.
* Light and Shadow by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
American Gods/Veronica Mars - Keith interrogates Shadow after finding him in a compromising situation.
* Maybe Redemption Has Stories to Tell by Kihin Ranno Story R Crossover  
Logan Echolls is a broken man reaching out for a savior. Aino Minako is a woman who wants to know what it feels like to save someone again. Their meeting was inevitable, their connection undeniable, and everything else a step on the path towards redemption.
* Remembering Narnia by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Crossover  
Susan has not forgotten.
* Remembering Narnia by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
Susan Pevensie never forgot even when she stopped speaking.
* Slowly by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Crossover  
Rei and Mal have a rather heated first meeting.
* Sparkle Girls and Broken Boys by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
A crossover between Veronica Mars and Harry Potter.
* We Used to Be Friends by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
A long time ago, we used to be friends...
* Werewolves, Wizards, and Magical Girls of London by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Crossover  
During Harry's first year at Hogwarts, Remus is tapped to investigate a magical girl in London. With the help of Kingsley, Remus finds himself ensnared in a world full of demons the likes of which he has never seen, a war he has no business being involved with, and the life of a rather hyperactive thirteen-year-old girl.
* Why Roses Are Manly by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG13 Crossover  
Mamoru and Sirius have a drink together... with odd results.
* World Enough, And Time by Kihin Ranno Vignette PG Crossover  
The Guardian and the Doctor meet face to face.
* Yellow Xterras Are Not Meant for Secret Meetings by Kihin Ranno Story PG13 Crossover  
Logan and Weevil have a meeting with someone who's used to being falsely accused of murder.
* 6. - [ItachixSnape] by kizuna-ko Story PG13 Crossover  
"The date wasn't going as planned. Actually, that was an understatement, NOTHING could have prepared Severus for this."
* Too Sexy For My Fur by Krysia Story PG13 Crossover  
Poor Artemis. Sometimes when you make a wish, you get more than you bargained for.
Poker Faced by Loki Story PG13 Crossover  
Mamoru has a bad fall, but when he wakes up in an alternate universe, one where his familiar world is fused with that of a chaotic realm where everything is turned on its head, he wonders if it is real and more importantly, whether or not he can possibly surivive as a reluctant gunslinger
* Sailor Moon Trekking by Loki Story PG13 Crossover  
Throw in Q, Sailor Moon, and Jean Luc Piccard with some madcapped silliness,and you have a galactic LOL on its way to a planet near you!
* Santaclaws by Loki Story PG Crossover  
A madcapped adventure, or misadventure that plunges Artemis into Santa mode. But with a little help from the band, Puffy Ami Yumi, things just might result in a happy Christmas for all!
* Shoujo and Broomsticks by Loki Story PG13 Crossover  
When the wonderful worlds of Sailor Moon and Harry Potter collide, anything is possible! Come enjoy the craziness!
Silver Raven by Loki Story PG13 Crossover  
An ancient princess joins Hino Rei in Tokyo, she is sent from a time long before the Silver Millennium to protect her descendents from a dark alliance but fortunately Lilith and her new friends have a little added help from Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends.
* The Moon Bunny and the Love Letter by Loki Story PG Crossover  
Usagi stumbles on a letter that moves her so deeply, reminding her of the love, she and Mamoru share, but who are these wonderful people and why had she been the one to find and read this opening of a pure heart to his beloved?
Cyanide & Neck Ties by Masked Maiden Story PG13 Crossover  
A House, M.D./Pushing Daisies crossover: When one of Princeton-Plainsboro's most respected physicians is supposedly murdered, Detective Emerson Cod brings Ned the Piemaker to New Jersey, to question the victim.
* Bloodlines by Meech Story PG Crossover  
Se Himiko despairs of her current lot in life, having finally succombed to Miyu's 'blessing', and seek salvation at Rei's temple. Her footsteps are shadowed, however, and the danger may change the Senshi of Fire forever.
* An Unlikely Meeting by Nephthys Moon Vignette G Crossover  
Shel has a twisted mind
* Through a Veil Darkly by Nephthys Moon Story PG Crossover  
Sirius Black falls through the veil and into a place he could never have expected.
* Vox Nihili by olesia Story PG Crossover  
Crono uses a Time Gate that was not meant for him, and travels to a place he is not truly meant to go. He has a great deal in common with the man he meets on the other side, like the fact neither of them can say how much in common they have.
* Epigoni by P.H. Wise Story PG13 Crossover  
As one story ends, another begins. In the wake of the events of Not Fade Away, Stargate Command is about to receive a crash course in the subterrestrial world... (An Angel/Stargate SG1 crossover)
* Quickened by P.H. Wise Story PG13 Crossover  
Buffy really DID come back wrong, and the consequences of this draw her into an even greater conflict... (a Buffy-Angel-Highlander crossover)
Reflections of Ruin by P.H. Wise Story R Crossover  
A little over sixteen years ago, Hotaru Tomoe died a stillborn child. What does this have to do with Ranma? Quite a lot, as it turns out. - A Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Cthulhu Mythos crossover.
* Bluff by Papirini Story PG13 Crossover  
Detective Lennie Briscoe went into the cheap crackhouse hoping to find a killer. What he got was something more. PGSM-based.
* Hospital Mayhem, Protect the Pure Heart of a Doctor by sailorgallifrey Story PG13 Crossover  
As two prestigious American doctors arrive at Juuban's hospital and begin working alongside Ami's mother, what kind of trouble will they attract with the Witches 5 and what will the girls discover about them?
* A Grail?!? by sailorknight Story PG13 Crossover  
A Sailor Moon/Monty Python and the Holy Grail crossover?!? No, this isn't a joke! The Sailor Senshi and King Arthur go grail hunting in this crossover/parody... thingy.
Channel Surfing by sailorknight Story PG13 Crossover  
This is a story everyone knew had to be made sooner or later. You take one anime series, combine it with another series - anime or not - and hit frappé, and this is what you get. Pure insanity. Be warned. This story is not for those without a sense of humor. If you don't have a sense of humor, read it anyway. Perhaps you'll develop one. You can th...
* Awaken by Shadowstar Story PG13 Crossover  
The first story in the 'Awaken' series. When Clark Kent and Mamoru Chiba are kidnapped, there's nothing linking the two together at first glance. But digging deeper, into the past, has always been the Senshi's specialty. Now, if only they could figure out what all this 'awakening' business is about...
* Unforgivable Sinners by silverstarlet Vignette PG Crossover  
Two lost souls sought solace in the night to escape from their pain.
Experimental Dreams by Snakefeather Story PG13 Crossover  
What if no one cared enough to speak your name? What if you had a purpose in life, yet it was one set against your will? If you were born as an experiment and denied the right to dream, would you let them stop you? After all, who does not hope?FF7/PSO [AR]
* A Butterfly in China by stormwalker628 Story PG Crossover  
This is a short, multi-series story showing how a small action in one place can have a large effect somewhere else.
End of the Millennium by Thanatos Story R Crossover  
(Sailor Moon & Phantasy Star Crossover) 2 years post Galaxia, an unusual calm had settled. But when a disturbing message from the past reaches the senshi and threatens their future, how will they save their world from the source of all Darkness? (Rated R for later chapters)
* My Lover's War by twiknham Story R Crossover  
Sakuya takes Aine for a mystery drive. But who do they run into along the way?
* But It’s Only Midnight by vegetasbubble Story PG Crossover  
While at a party celebrating the mid year, Minako meets a boy with lavander hair that is very mysterious but won't give her a moment to talk... Minako x Trunks

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