General Library: Tsuki no Bara by CearaIvory

Fandom:Crossover (Sailormoon - Other)
Rating:PG13 Created:2009-11-11
Genre:Action Updated:2009-11-11
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Part 1 Namikimichi no Koi Act 1 (PHP)


When Serenity sent her daughter and court to a new future on Earth, instead of being reborn in Tokyo 20th Century, they are reborn in medieval France. Crossover with Beauty and the Beast, characters are definitely OOC or as I prefer to call it, developed accordingly. Cast: Belle as Sailor Venus, Gaston as Tuxedo Mask, Pink Triplet aka Bunny as Sailor Moon, OC-Molly Flotte as Sailor Mercury, OC-Raya Incendie as Sailor Mars, OC-Marcy Tonnerre as Sailor Jupiter and the Beast AKA Prince Adam as Kunzite, Motoki makes the scene in his French "Tony" playing the Bookseller's Son.

Author's Comments:

Yes, this story is definitely different. Call it an experiment that I've been dying to try for a long time now. Please, if you read, comment and be as critical as you wish.

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