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Order in the Court by DaBlackRose Story PG13 Sailormoon  
When a gold digger gets his hands on rich Serena Alexander it comes down to a messy divorce and Serena goes for the best, Rei Hino a lawyer with a rockin reputation and a knack for uncovering scandalous situations. [AR]
* Presumption by DaBlackRose Story PG Sailormoon  
It has come time for Nephlyte to face his past and what went wrong all those centuries ago. A secret discovery found on Beryl's remains leads to memories of darker times and answers that Nephlyte may not be able to face. [Oneshot] [Character Study]
* Sexy is Back by DaBlackRose Story PG13 Sailormoon  
After a long night of fighting, Serena falls asleep on none other than her arch nemesis, Darien! She has some rather interesting dreams, which lead to a few unforeseen and embarrassing events to follow. [Oneshot]
* The Hardest Part by DaBlackRose Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Even then, in that elated moment, making that vow on that dingy subway car, I knew I was doomed. I knew that she would never have me, but hope is something that cannot be overcome in moments like those. It still carries me on, even to this day.
* Wenching 101 by DaBlackRose Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Be advised spontaneous kissing, obscene misconceptions, chivalry, spilt milk and pee-your-pants hilarity may ensue. Five available men take on an unwilling student and teach him the ways of "wenching" through their own examples... [oneshot]
The Angel that brought Hope by DarkAngel Story PG Original Fiction  
Earth is not what everyone hoped it to be. Of course everyone wanted a world where there would be peace, love and harmony. However, for the people who live in the year 2099, that's where it ends. Everyone wants it, everyone dreams about it, but no one hopes for it, because it doesn't exist. That's where I come in, a 16 year old girl, living the lif...
Contest Winner * Failing the Rorschach Test by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Doctor Who  
For Emma the upcoming senior formal has become a literal hell. Can the strange man lurking in the girls’ washroom help her escape, or will Emma’s good intentions be her death?
* The Pitcher Plant by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Original Fiction  
Earth burned, and most of its fresh water is gone. Humanity has struggled along since, but hope is lost. Olivia, unable to bear ever degenerating city life, flees to the plains, where rumour whispers of a people dignified, civil, and in possession of great quantities of water…
* Wake Me Up Inside by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Original Fiction  
In the country of Ynoa, childbirth is perilous. For generations the barbarians have violated its lands, butchering expectant mothers and newborns alike. Tamika is of the Solastra, a holy order tasked with protecting Ynoa from this menace, and she has just arrived in a small village on one such mission.
* All I Want For Christmas by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Minako knows just what she wants for Christmas, and nothing will stop her from getting it.
* Sagacity by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Sailormoon  
On her seventeenth birthday, Princess Serenity faces the Moon Kingdom's test of succession.
* The Dark Sacred Night by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Sailormoon  
What do we possess? What do we desire? Are the answers as real as they seem? Tsukino Ikuko faces it all.
* The Translucent Corridor by Dave Ziegler Story PG Sailormoon  
Chiba Mamoru is trapped in a strange crystalline prison. It seems as if he’s known it his entire life and is resigned to its thick walls and hollowing cold. And yet, amidst his daily torture, an ember of hope begins to glow.
Contest Entry * Unsaid by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi  
Kyon is less than pleased when Haruhi drags him out on Christmas Eve for a ‘mandatory party.’ The SOS Brigade does not take breaks. His mood fouls hers, and soon things look less than their holiday best. In a case of misunderstood intentions, can Kyon and Haruhi find honesty in one another’s actions; or will they fall victim to what’s be...
* The Birthday Wish by Dave Ziegler Story PG13 Vision of Escaflowne  
It is the eve of Hitomi's 20th birthday, but life after Gaea is clearly not what she expected. Can the heart span two worlds and incur a miracle, or will Hitomi settle for her fate?
Contest Entry Buttons and Bows by December Story PG13 Animaniacs  
A series of moments in the life of a woman and how her "silly puppies" made all the difference in the world.
* Bye-Bye by December Vignette PG Animaniacs  
A girl struggles to say good-bye to her friend
Contest Entry Beyond Fiction by December Story PG13 Batman Beyond  
Sometimes fiction really isn't fiction. And, at times, it can cause problems - deadly ones.
* When the Knight is Done by December Story PG Batman Beyond  
Terry's thoughts on the two types of people in Gotham and when Gotham's (K)night can be over.
* A Day at the Beach by December Vignette G Crossover  
A small scene inserted into the manga, volume 11. Just another day at the beach for a rice ball, the cat, a girl, and her dog. Fruits Basket/Animaniacs crossover.
A Month as a Time Walker by December Story PG Crossover  
Suppose you had the chance to reunite a family separated by a power play? Would you? And who would you be willing to hurt to gain this reunion?
Beyond the Drama by December Story PG13 Crossover  
A villain tries to destory the team that could do anything and 1 future hero is their only hope of being saved...or the way they are destroyed. A Batman Beyond/Kim Possible crossover.
* Her Over Me? by December Vignette PG Fruits Basket  
A minor character reflects on a recent rejection. Set in volume 13 of the manga
Contest Entry Death, Life, and Other Things We Ignore by December Story PG Here is Greenwood  
After a year of lost, a daughter accompanies her father on a quest to understand his roots and from where he came.
* No Longer Perfect by December Vignette PG Here is Greenwood  
"It was so perfect; I still don’t know what happened." A character reflects on a couple she didn’t see coming. Written for the 2008 V-day challenge
* Permanent Damage by December Vignette PG13 Heroes  
Claire reflects on damage, Father's Day, and other losses. Spoilers for season 1 and episode 9 of season 2
* Before and After by December Vignette PG13 Koi Kaze  
A young woman reflects on a choice that changed her life. Contains spoilers for Koi Kaze
* Stand-Up Truth by December Story PG13 Life With Derek  
A young woman witnesses something interesting at a comedy show and comes to a few conclusions of her own.
Hated For Loving by December Story PG13 Original Fiction  
Dark & light, mysterious & innocent, tortured hero & saving heroine are contrasts are often paired together. That the dark, mysterious tortured one is female & the light, innocent, saving character is male is what makes this story different. Is falling in love something a professor can plan or does it happen in spite of what others attempt to a...
Seats at a Funeral by December Story PG Original Fiction  
A look at the emotions felt by and inflicted upon people attending the funeral.
* This Time by December Story PG13 Original Fiction  
A side story in the Hated for Loving Universe. Inspired by a song lyric from Emm Gryner. Miranda has an interesting conversation with her roommate Sierra.
* Overheard - A Cultural Conversation Clash by December Vignette G Sailormoon  
The result of a plot bunny. An answer to the question: what would one character think of the conversation of another culture?
Royal Blue by December Story PG13 Sailormoon  
This is the story of Earth during the time known as the Silver Millennium. Following the lives of the royal family of the planet for two generations, this tale chronicles the rise of Earth's golden age and the eventual fall of the planet.
Ties by December Story PG Sailormoon  
Family...we all define it differently. But, how would you react if you suddenly found family you didn't know you had? And that family was very different than what you expected? One Makoto Kino is about to find out. Along the way she'll have to answer one important question: what is more important: Loyalty or family?
* It Was Pudding by December Vignette G Teen Titans  
A moment in the kitchen. A RobRae vignette for an alphabet challenge P is for Pudding.
This Side of Living by December Story PG13 Yu Yu Hakusho  
Suddenly, he woke up, and nothing seemed right. Surrounded with known strangers, it was like living on the other side of his dreams
* Two Years and a Day by December Vignette PG Yu Yu Hakusho  
Keiko reflects on her time without Yusuke. Spoilers for the end of the anime series.
* Troubled Hearts by Dejana Talis Story PG Chronicles of Narnia  
As her final days in Narnia draw to a close, Susan seizes her last opportunity.
* The Waiting Game by Dejana Talis Story G Cloverfield  
In the aftermath, Lily waits for Rob to make good on his word.
* Green Bird Eulogy by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Cowboy Bebop  
The air seems filled with whirling crystal, shining violet in the dying sunlight. At the center of it all is a large, dark figure, surrounded by sparkling glass fragments. My breath catches in my throat. It is a man, a tall thin man, his brown coat rippling around him as he falls toward the flagstones below. His long, angular limbs flail weakl...
* A Tale of Two Suitors by Dejana Talis Story PG Futurama  
Set a few months after "Into the Wild Green Yonder." Fry decides to propose to Leela, but when his best-laid plans go astray and Zapp Brannigan stumbles back into their lives, he'll be lucky enough to get another moment alone with her.
* An Honest Proposal by Dejana Talis Story G Harry Potter  
Sometimes, the perfect moment comes all on its own.
* The Last Birthday by Dejana Talis Story G Harry Potter  
A midnight moment between Harry and his friends on their journey to confront Lord Voldemort. This is set during the summer following "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."
* These Things Happen by Dejana Talis Vignette PG Original Fiction  
genre_challenge - April (Angst) - Animals (Puppy)
* Against All Odds by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
A Silver Millennium story. A twist of fate casts Endymion as a stable boy working as a servant in the Moon Castle, where he meets the Princess by chance. With Serenity engaged to another man, can the miracle romance triumph over the barriers of class and nobility?
* Beyond Measure by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
A PGSM story. Nephrite finds it difficult to adjust to a world he never wanted to belong to, a world that seems to reject him as much as he rejects it. Fortunately, he is not as alone as he thinks.
* Bittersweet Surrender by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
This is a songfic about the final deaths of Usagi and Mamoru, in the distant future when they have ruled as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion for a long time. This story presents two versions of their deaths, one as heroes in battle and one as a gentle death from old age.
* Crossroads by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
The town of Sunset was the black hole of life, a desert sea of boredom that devoured dreams and never let its inhabitants go. Trapped in a town without hope, a young man keeps encountering setbacks that seem to make escape impossible. On the verge of giving up, he picks up a very special hitchhiker determined to turn it all around.
* Deus Ex Machina by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
God in the Machine. An all-powerful force that manifests in impossible situations and makes everything all right again. A staple of many a fantastic world, to be relied on when all else is unreliable. But what happens when the saving grace comes...and is refused?
* Easy Come, Easy Go by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
genre_challenge - April (Angst) - Events (Winning a Million Dollars)
* Enigma by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
A PGSM alternate-ending story. As time goes by after the final battle, Ami finds her memories becoming vague and confusing. In desperation, she turns to the one person who might have answers to her questions.
* Fair Exchange by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
Even if Sailor Tin Nyanko had chosen the path of redemption after being halfway healed by Eternal Sailormoon, a happy ending may not have been guaranteed.
* Fear by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly - March (Villains) - Theme Two (Fear)
* Final Exam by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
Based on the anime version of Sailor Stars. If Mamoru wasn't expecting Usagi to see him off at the airport, why did he have the ring with him?
* Forgotten Friends by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
The Best Man on Mamoru and Usagi's wedding day, Motoki reflects on the distance that has grown between him and his best friend.
* Full Circle by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Growth is harder for some than for others. Alone of all the Sailor Soldiers, Venus views her power as more of a burden than a blessing. Will she ever experience the harmony her friends enjoy?
* Golden Afternoon by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
It is mentioned in canon that Queen Serenity's original intention was for her daughter and the Sailor Soldiers to live peaceful, happy lives on Earth. As we know, the resurgence of the Dark Kingdom made such a life impossible. What would have happened to the five girls, had they not awakened as soldiers? Where would their lives have led them? Would...
* Homecoming by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
After his death at the hands of Sailor Jupiter, Nephrite was finally free to bring closure to someone he'd left behind.
* I, Ginzuishou by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
Throughout all the eras, all the battles, all the time traveling and reincarnations, only one entity experienced it all firsthand. What is the true nature of the legendary Silver Crystal, and the women who act as its host?
* Intoxication by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly - March (Villains) - Theme Eight (Intoxication)
* Light of Hope by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
They had fought so hard, and won, but at what cost?
* Misconception by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
Where other children find love in the eyes of their parents, I see only sadness and despair. Born of a queen and king who loved their daughter long before she was concieved, I live my life in the shadow of a child who never existed, who was destroyed by my creation. Nothing I could ever say or do could fill the void she has left in their hearts, ye...
* My Playground by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
Twenty-one years old and married to Mamoru, Usagi's life is in limbo. She lives as a housewife while the Sailor Senshi await the advent of Crystal Tokyo. Feeling useless and powerless, Usagi finds herself heading for the old Crown arcade, where so many things began. There, she reflects on the journey that destiny has ordained for her.
* Night Star Shining by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
Crystal Tokyo. A utopia, but only for some. With the Sailor Senshi focused solely on protecting the city's elite, a pair of mysterious heroes appears with its own definition of love and justice.
* No Place by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
Luna and Artemis visit a place they had never expected to see again, and with it, the memories of a long-lost lifetime.
* Oak Evolution by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
On the eve of the birth of Crystal Tokyo, a Sailor Senshi makes one last selfish choice.
* Rain by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
Zoisite hated the rain. It reminded him of things he did not want to remember, and of someone he would rather forget.
* Shattered by Dejana Talis Story G Sailormoon  
It was all so clear now. Tsukino Ikuko clung to the railing as she stumbled down the stairs and headed back to the family room. What kind of a mother was she, to be ignorant of something so huge? What was she supposed to do now? Numb with shock, Ikuko collapsed in a chair and reached for the telephone.
* Shine by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly - March (Villains) - Theme Nine (Soul)
* Silent All These Years by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
Crystal Tokyo, a utopia frozen in time. Centuries pass slowly for the nearly immortal, and the years eventually take their toll. On a rare visit to Earth, Sailor Uranus finds the cracks beneath the surface growing harder to ignore.
* The Prisoner by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly - March (Villains) - Theme Four ("If we are bound to forgive an enemy, we are not bound to trust him." -- Thomas Fuller)
* The Undeserving by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
Even in Crystal Tokyo, violence and rage endure. But are crimes of passion sins, or the very fire that makes us human?
* Three by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly - March (Villains) - Theme Seven (Three)
* True Soldier by Dejana Talis Story PG Sailormoon  
A serious injury suffered during battle brings Sailor Mars a fresh perspective regarding her princess and their roles as Sailor Senshi.
* Unrequited by Dejana Talis Story PG13 Sailormoon  
She was an earthbound goddess, the very embodiment of desire. Zoisite wanted her more than he had wanted anything else in his life. His reasons were many... but Venus heard the whispers of his heart clearer than Zoisite himself.
* Unspoken Question by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
sm_monthly - March (Villains) - Theme Three (Destiny)
* White by Dejana Talis Vignette G Sailormoon  
genre_challenge - April (Angst) - Colors (White)
Contest Entry * Last Loose End by Dejana Talis Story PG The Matrix  
Being unplugged meant giving up everything... but there was one person Mouse could never quite let go of.
* Prisoners of Circumstance by DesDiamondS Story PG Harry Potter  
When Draco is captured by the Order of The Phoenix Hermione is confronted with emotions she had bottled away. What happens to two people when they are trapped by something greater than four walls?
* Remade by DesDiamondS Story PG Harry Potter  
Post DH. Ron comes back from war and things aren't the way he left them.
* The Moment Things Start to Happen by DesDiamondS Story PG13 Harry Potter  
There is a moment where things start to shift and fall into place. No matter how perfect or tragic they always find themselves in this moment. Things will never be the same. D/Hr
* A Different View by dimebg Story G Sailormoon  
After destiny reveals itself, Mamoru must come to terms with his feelings. The question is, does he want to follow in the footsteps of his past self?
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witches of Hogwarts by dragonwings Story PG13 Harry Potter  
Hermione has always been clever, resourceful and brave. She has also always been one of those unmentionables, a half blood. And when blood rules society, does where you're from and who you are really define you as wicked? According to Lavender Brown and the Minister of Magic: yes. Careful, Hermione. You never know who's truly going to be... wicked.
* [mirage] by Ducky Story PG Sailormoon  
Are dreams simply an unachievable mirage? A string of events bring together an estranged couple.
* Amortentia by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
A very pregnant Merope Gaunt thinks back on what could have gone wrong.
* Besotted by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
The Courtship of Helena Ravenclaw by Baron Pendragon.
* Desperation by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
The creation of the Wolfsbane potion.
* Flirting with the Enemy by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
The inspiration for my fic, Forever Reaching.
* Forever Reaching by dulcet_tones Story PG13 Harry Potter  
As Abrecan Travers walks slowly onward to finish the task that the Dark Lord has set before him, his mind wanders back to what has led him to this uncertain conclusion. Why her? Why now? Coming to terms with what must be done leaves him wondering if the consequences will leave him forever reaching...
* If Only by dulcet_tones Vignette R Harry Potter  
Dramione vignette
* In-between by dulcet_tones Vignette PG Harry Potter  
Sirius has some difficulty changing back from his Anamigus form.
* Longings by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
A Hogwart’s Ghost attempts to feel life once more.
* Possibilities by dulcet_tones Vignette G Harry Potter  
James receives his HeadBoy badge.
* Seeds of Hatred by dulcet_tones Vignette PG Harry Potter  
A last conversation between Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor.
* Boomers Like Me by Dustinus Story PG13 Bubblegum Crisis  
Life in Tokyo in 2032 is good, unless you're one of the underclass. A fugitive runs across the Knight Sabres in this Bubblegum Crisis fanfic.
* Sailor Canoehead by Dustinus Story G Crossover  
Sailor Moon as you've never seen her before: under watertight caulking!
Subject 13 by Dustinus Story PG13 Original Fiction  
Natasha "Nasty" Giuliano's life is changed after an accident. Can she keep her new power and, more imporantly, her temper under control?
* Mercury Rising by Dustinus Story PG Sailormoon  
In the Silver Millennium, Ami comes of age and realizes her full potential.

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