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Rating:PG Created:2006-03-21
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-03-21
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God in the Machine. An all-powerful force that manifests in impossible situations and makes everything all right again. A staple of many a fantastic world, to be relied on when all else is unreliable. But what happens when the saving grace comes...and is refused?

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Review by JuJube 2009-04-03

This is a very difficult story to read. I felt compelled to read it today, and I think the timing was perfect. I really wish I had more words to compliment how well this is crafted, how true the emotions are, powerful without being raw. But, there are no words. I can only stand in awe and a bit of envy at this.

I feel this story was difficult to share. Thank you for sharing it anyway.
Review by Bella*Luna 2006-10-16

One of my favorite things about reading fanfiction...good that the writers that I tend to be drawn to have taken Naoko's world and answered questions that I've had develop while watching the series and reading the manga.

Is it a choice?

Everything else seems to be a choice.

They don't have to fight, they don't have to protect each other, it is a birth right that they would continually have someone trying to convince them to take but i... (more)

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