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* Adaption As by Ahnkitomi Vignette G Yu Yu Hakusho  
Keiko; adjustment.
* Twilight by Ahnkitomi Vignette PG Yu Yu Hakusho  
Botan/Keiko, a late night visit visit.
Classified Chop Suey by bubblygoo Story PG13 Yu Yu Hakusho  
Life's a real pain when you have to settle arguments with words and not fists. (Bits and pieces from the private lives of Yusuke and co., post series.)
This Side of Living by December Story PG13 Yu Yu Hakusho  
Suddenly, he woke up, and nothing seemed right. Surrounded with known strangers, it was like living on the other side of his dreams
* Two Years and a Day by December Vignette PG Yu Yu Hakusho  
Keiko reflects on her time without Yusuke. Spoilers for the end of the anime series.

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