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* Birth of a Dream by Heavenly Pearl Story G Kaleido Star  
When Yume sees her adopted big sister Sora perform at Kaleido Stage, a new dream is born.
* Blood On His Hands by Heavenly Pearl Story R Kaleido Star  
Yuri Killian believed he was willing to do anything in order to exact his revenge on Kalos, but when his latest scheme ends with tragic consequences, he falls into a downward spiral.
Melting Ice by Heavenly Pearl Story R Kaleido Star  
After failing to make the 2022 Olympic team, figure skater Yume Naegino decides to join Kaleido Stage. Like her big sister Sora, she is chosen by Fool -- the Spirit of the Stage -- to perform a mystical act, called the Lovers’ Maneuver, but to do so, first she must melt the frozen heart of her partner Mikhail, popularly known as the Ice Prince fo...
* No Longer Alone by Heavenly Pearl Story PG13 Kaleido Star  
After his sister's tragic death, Leon was left alone in the world. However, when an ex-girlfriend dies six years later, he discovers the existence of a daughter he never knew he had. Leon has no interest in being a father, but with Sora's help, maybe they can become a family.
* Pillow Talk by Heavenly Pearl Story R Kaleido Star  
Layla learns the truth about Yuri after a passionate night together. Takes place during Episode 16.

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