General Library: Melting Ice by Heavenly Pearl

Fandom:Kaleido Star
Rating:R Created:2010-01-25
Genre:Romance Updated:2013-11-18
Style:General Status:Incomplete

Chapter One - The End of a Dream (Text)
Chapter Two - The Invitation (Text)
Chapter Three - Starting Over (Text)
Chapter Four - Unexpected Surprises (Text)
Chapter Five - New Friends and Foes (Text)
Chapter Six - Saying Goodbye (Text)
Chapter Seven - Arrival (Text)
Chapter Eight - Fooling Around (Text)
Chapter Nine - An Annoyance and A Request (Text)
Chapter Ten - Family Dinner (Text)
Chapter Eleven - Getting Closer (Text)
Chapter Twelve - War and Peace (Text)
Chapter Thirteen - Visit From The Ice Princess (Text)
Chapter Fourteen - The Bet (Text)
Chapter Fifteen - Doubts (Text)
Chapter Sixteen - The Triple Axel Challenge (Text)
Chapter Seventeen - Thawing (Text)
Chapter Eighteen - Hot and Cold (Text)
Chapter Nineteen - Premonition (Text)
Chapter Twenty - Confusion (Text)
Chapter Twenty-One - Falling For Him (Text)
Chapter Twenty-Two - Confession (Text)
Chapter Twenty-Three - Making It Official (Text)
Chapter Twenty-Four - Getting Ready (Text)
Chapter Twenty-Five - Sister, Sister (Text)
Chapter Twenty_Six - Meeting The Family (Text)
Chapter Twenty-Seven - Betrayal (Text)


After failing to make the 2022 Olympic team, figure skater Yume Naegino decides to join Kaleido Stage. Like her big sister Sora, she is chosen by Fool -- the Spirit of the Stage -- to perform a mystical act, called the Lovers’ Maneuver, but to do so, first she must melt the frozen heart of her partner Mikhail, popularly known as the Ice Prince for his cold personality.

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