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And the World Fell Down by Baine Story PG13 Ginban Kaleidoscope  
After a practice session preparing for the Second Stage, Sakurano Tazusa has a chance encounter with a young man named Peet Pumps, who encourages her to believe in herself and shoot for the stars.
* Touching Sky by Baine Story G Ginban Kaleidoscope  
( I want—I just want a way to be closer to the sky. Maybe if I can reach out and touch it...Maybe I can be closer to him. )
Winter’s Solstice by Baine Story PG13 Ginban Kaleidoscope  
There is a legend that every year at midnight on the Winter's Solstice, a phantom skater will appear on the lake between 2 mountains. If it snows, she'll be reunited with her lover. Alas, a sorceress laid a curse so that it's never cold enough to snow..

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