General Library: Touching Sky by Baine

Fandom:Ginban Kaleidoscope
Rating:G Created:2006-10-20
Genre:General Updated:2006-10-30
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

Touching Sky (PHP)


( I want—I just want a way to be closer to the sky. Maybe if I can reach out and touch it...Maybe I can be closer to him. )

Author's Comments:

If this isn't the first piece of fanfiction for Ginban, then it is one of the first. There isn't even a category on FFNet yet! If you haven't seen this series, check it out! It's only 12 episodes and was fansubbed by C1Anime. It aired around the same time that the Torino 2006 Olympics took place and centers around a female figure skater named Tazusa.

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