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* Eyes of Blue by Snakefeather Vignette G The Legend of Zelda  
Post-Ocarina of Time, Pre-Majora‚Äôs Mask ficlet: The child-princess with memories of the future and the wants of a woman, dreams of blue eyes. Zelda’s pov
The Burning Seasons by Vayleen Story R The Legend of Zelda  
History tells of a time, after the monarchies were overthrown, when Hylians left the Age of Wonder and moved into the Age of Industry.
Rekindling Their Bonds by ViperInferno Story PG The Legend of Zelda  
After 2 years, traveling the world to search for Navi, Link finally comes back home to Hyrule and reunites with Saria. But are they rekindling their close friendship, or perhaps something more?

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