General Library: Rekindling Their Bonds by ViperInferno

Fandom:The Legend of Zelda
Rating:PG Created:2009-11-30
Genre:Romance Updated:2010-02-05
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete

Prologue (PHP)
Chapter 1: Return To Hyrule (PHP)
Chapter 2: Link’s Homecoming (PHP)
Chapter 3: Visiting Zelda (PHP)
Chapter 4: Surprise Party (PHP)
Chapter 5: My Hero (PHP)


After 2 years, traveling the world to search for Navi, Link finally comes back home to Hyrule and reunites with Saria. But are they rekindling their close friendship, or perhaps something more?

Author's Comments:

This is my first venture into another fandom. I've been a fan of the Zelda series since the beginning, and am finally writing a Zelda fanfic. The Prologue takes place 2 years before the rest of the story, right before the events of Majora's Mask.

note: Chapter 1 had the text from the prologue in it... I corrected that

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