Vignette Collection: Adaption As by Ahnkitomi

Fandom:Yu Yu Hakusho Rating:G
Created:2007-09-30 Modified:2007-09-30
Summary:Keiko; adjustment.
Adaption As

Keiko’s starting to feel like she’s used to this.

Yusuke at her window or at her door, grinning slyly with that feral look in his eyes-always rough even before he changed so obviously and subtly at once, but now animal in a deeper way. She can’t make herself be afraid of him-her emotions had always been a tangle in his corner but faith blots out potential fear-no matter how many cautionary words she hears.

Any other girl would get tired of being kidnapped or threatened. Any other, ordinary girl would refuse to spend her time socializing with demons and monsters, wouldn’t have followed him to a demon arena just to chastise him, wouldn’t run through fire or flee school to kiss a sleeping (beast) in fear that his soul would slip away.

An ordinary girl wouldn’t be opening her window, swinging her legs over the edge, her mouth sliding into a smile against his as rough warm hands settle at her waist.

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