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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-09-17
Genre:General Updated:2006-09-17
Style:Science Fiction Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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Crystal Tokyo. A utopia, but only for some. With the Sailor Senshi focused solely on protecting the city's elite, a pair of mysterious heroes appears with its own definition of love and justice.

Author's Comments:

This story began almost a year ago, during the testing phase of .moon. One of my beta-testers was trying out the story submission functions and picked a bunch of options at random. I teased her, asking when we were going to see this sci-fi Crystal Tokyo alternate-universe Minako/Motoki story of hers, and several other beta-testers chimed in saying they'd like to read it and were disappointed when they found out it didn't really exist. Before I knew it, I had a plot idea.

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Review by Kihin Ranno 2006-10-04

Not gonna lie, I would have liked to see more of this. *pouts* It's so supremely spiffy! I like Minako/Motoki stories and I like sci-fi and I like AU/AR stories. So many of my favorite things!

Oh well. If it's never continued at least I have this. ^^ I gotta say, I really envy you for your ability to create a universe. That's why I'm scared to write anything original to be honest. I'm great at working with what I've been given and expanding upon it, but not so much at coming ... (more)

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