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Rating:PG Created:2005-12-06
Genre:Drama Updated:2005-12-06
Style:General Status:Complete

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Even in Crystal Tokyo, violence and rage endure. But are crimes of passion sins, or the very fire that makes us human?

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Written in September 2005, my first new fanfic in six months.

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Review by Anonymous 2013-01-14

July 27, 2010para polu kalo apotelesma paiieda!!!paiieda diakopes twra oso mporei o kathenas kai apo septemvrio meta pali edw sta thrania(grafeia mas)!!!
Review by Jaded Catalyst 2007-01-28

Out of all your stories, this is my favorite at the moment. But then again, there's little difference between my favorite and least favorite of your stories.

I love your writing style. It truly portrays the feelings of the characters and makes everything seem so real. You have all the characters personalities perfect. I also love the concept. Like I have said in a different review: Paradise isn't possible because there will always be at least one person that is unhappy. This man ... (more)
Review by Starsea 2006-02-04

What I like best about this story is the twist in the tale right at the very end, as everything which you believe is turned on its head. It's true, she does love everyone... even the 'undeserving'.

I also liked the glimpses of Jupiter and Venus and Mercury.


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