General Library: Beyond the Drama by December

Fandom:Crossover (Batman Beyond - Other)
Rating:PG13 Created:2007-09-08
Genre:Mystery Updated:2007-09-22
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

A Silver Flash in Time (Text)
Present History (Text)
Lining Up the Dates (Text)


A villain tries to destory the team that could do anything and 1 future hero is their only hope of being saved...or the way they are destroyed. A Batman Beyond/Kim Possible crossover.

Author's Comments:

This story is crossover between Batman Beyond and Kim Possible, with some ideas from the show Sliders and the movie Back to the Future thrown in. There are spoilers for the KP movies "A Sitch in Time" and "So the Drama", as well as for an episode or two of Batman Beyond.

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