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Fandom:Crossover (Batman Beyond - Sailormoon - Yu Yu Hakusho)
Rating:PG Created:2007-03-13
Genre:General Updated:2007-07-03
Style:General Status:Incomplete

Of Beginnings Based in Fire and White (Text)
Of Spirits and Detectives (Text)
Of Futures Not So Bright (Text)
Of Walking and Weddings (Text)
Of Memories in Sleep (Text)
Of Questions, Plans, and Plots (Text)
Of Misgivings and Mistakes (Text)
Of Complications (Text)
Of Shouting and Tears (Text)
Of Confrontations (Text)


Suppose you had the chance to reunite a family separated by a power play? Would you? And who would you be willing to hurt to gain this reunion?

Author's Comments:

This is the sequel to Royal Blue; actually, Royal Blue is actually the prequel to this story. This is a three way crossover between Yu Yu Hakusho, Batman Beyond, and Sailor Moon.

Warning: Later chapters may contain spoilers for future chapters of Royal Blue.

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Review by Kihin Ranno 2007-05-17

And I'm done. ^-^

I have to say, this is a very interesting premise. Crossovers generally aren't my thing, but this one works for me, probably because it's grounded in a universe I'm very familiar with. Not to mention, there is definitely a huge resemblance between Terry and Mamoru, so I can definitely see the origins of this.

Good as the idea is, there are some pretty large issues that are preventing me from really loving this story. A big one is something I thi... (more)

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