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My Playground (PHP)


Twenty-one years old and married to Mamoru, Usagi's life is in limbo. She lives as a housewife while the Sailor Senshi await the advent of Crystal Tokyo. Feeling useless and powerless, Usagi finds herself heading for the old Crown arcade, where so many things began. There, she reflects on the journey that destiny has ordained for her.

Author's Comments:

I wrote this in one evening after a sudden inspiration.

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Review by Starsea 2006-07-08

I love this story. It seems to encapsulate the author's style: wistful, thoughtful, and always intelligent. The time period is one not often addressed, which adds a flavour of originality, and the lives of the senshi are developed with sensitivity. The greatest thing is that all this is reflected through the mind of Usagi, older and wiser now, and concerned for the child within her womb, already understanding some of her future decisions. The epigraph is well chosen, and one of my favourite song... (more)
Review by ruminant 2006-01-15

Beautiful style and perfect progression. The melancholy of this story is easily felt. Setting the time period in spring was great. Spring, the time of new beginnings. Brilliant.

So introspective and original. The reader really gets into Usagi's head. The story isn't rushed, nor does it drag on.

Another masterpeice by Dejana-chan. I am your fangirl forever!

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