Vignette Collection: White by Dejana Talis

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2006-08-31 Modified:2006-08-31
Summary:genre_challenge - April (Angst) - Colors (White)

Aino Minako hated white.

She hated the white of the scattered clouds on this beautiful day, with their lazy casual gliding across the sky, none of them eager to obscure the warm sunshine.

She hated the white of the lilies and roses that decorated the steps outside the building and the aisle inside, their snowy petals a testimony to the purity of the hearts that had selected them.

She hated the white of the invitations and the guestbook pages and the document with its official seal, favors of a celebration millennia in the making, heralded as a blessing by everyone she knew.

Most of all, she hated the white of her dear friend Usagiís wedding dress.

It was a color Minako would never get to wear.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2007-02-06

Aw. Why won't she get to wear it? Because she is Sailor Venus, sworn protector of Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon? Or because she is Aino Minako and s... (more)

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