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Rating:G Created:2005-11-15
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It was all so clear now. Tsukino Ikuko clung to the railing as she stumbled down the stairs and headed back to the family room. What kind of a mother was she, to be ignorant of something so huge? What was she supposed to do now? Numb with shock, Ikuko collapsed in a chair and reached for the telephone.

Author's Comments:

This is an expanded and extended version of yet another writing challenge I participated in on ASMR. It started as a simple highlight of the problems of being a teenage Sailor Senshi, and just kept growing into this.

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Review by Anonymous 2010-03-01

Wonderfully written and filled with so much emotion from Ikuko. I love the fact that she managed to link it together and yet not reveal it to her daughter that she knew she is Sailor Moon.
I love it.

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