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Rating:G Created:2006-03-10
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-04-04
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Based on the anime version of Sailor Stars. If Mamoru wasn't expecting Usagi to see him off at the airport, why did he have the ring with him?

Author's Comments:

Written to fill a plothole pointed out by blueshimmer in the "Moonie Pet Peeves" forum on ASMR.

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Review by Anonymous 2008-12-31

I thought this was an amazing story! I absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much and great job!
Review by Kihin Ranno 2006-03-12

Thank you! That has always annoyed me to no end. Stupid Stars with their stupid AND OH SO VERY NUMEROUS plot holes. *shakes fist*

More to the point, that was very sweet. ^_^ A nice explanation for the plot hole. I love it when that happens.

(And you will have your AAO Side Story review before you ask. Eventually.)

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