Vignette Collection: Flirting with the Enemy by dulcet_tones

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:G
Created:2008-09-21 Modified:2008-09-21
Summary:The inspiration for my fic, Forever Reaching.
Flirting with the Enemy

What a gorgeous man, thought Marlene Mckinnon as she passed the tall dark haired man on her way to the door. Shyness not befitting her nature, she turned and gave him a wink then opened the door to exit Flourish and Blotts, flicking her wavy dark blonde hair as she went. Just as she had planned, for no man had ever been able to ignore her charm, the tall stranger quickly followed.

“Madam, madam,” he called after her unnecessarily in a smooth baritone voice.

Whirling around prettily, her robes caressing her curves just so, she gave him an innocent look of inquiry as he caught up to her.

“Yes, may I help you?” she asked with wide eyed amusement that only accentuated the deep golden color of her eyes.

“Ah… miss, did you not just wink at me back there?” he inquired with mounting mirth.

“Why, yes. I believe I did. Did you follow me all the way out here to ask me just one little question?”

Marlene was having fun playing this game and she wondered how far it could be taken as she twirled a lock of her hair and fully examined her quarry. He has to be the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on, she thought to herself as she ran her tongue along her teeth in a suggestive manner.

“Well, umm… no! I would like to know your name as well. A beautiful bird like you has to have an equally exquisite name.”

My, my! What a line, she thought. “It’s Marlene, Marlene Mckinnon. Since you now have my name I think it only fair I know yours.”

“Travers, at least that’s what my friends call me. Would you like to join me for a drink in The Leaky Cauldron?” he asked, giving a white toothy grin full of perfectly straight teeth.

“Yeah, sounds like fun,” Marlene exclaimed.

The two talked and flirted the rest of the way to the entrance of the pub, pausing here and there to glance in the shop windows. Marlene was quite enjoying herself in the company of this man, more than she had thought she would at first.

As Travers ran a hand through his shaggy dark hair, Marlene caught a small glimpse of dark green on his forearm. The sight of the skull with the serpent slightly put her off guard and she gasped sharply.

“Is everything alright, Marlene?”

“Huh, oh… fine, I just thought I had forgot something but I was mistaken,” she lied easily, flashing an impish grin. Now I have more than one reason to keep an eye on this man, thought Marlene.

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