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Rating:G Created:2005-10-02
Genre:Angst Updated:2005-10-04
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

Forgotten Friends (PHP)


The Best Man on Mamoru and Usagi's wedding day, Motoki reflects on the distance that has grown between him and his best friend.

Author's Comments:

I pounded this out in about an hour one night, answering a writing challenge on the ASMR message board. It ended up being rather sad and wistful, and told completely from Motoki's point of view. When I wrote this I wasn't planning on posting it anywhere but the message board, so it's not as polished as my other work, but I like it.

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Review by ruminant 2005-10-29

Finally I find a wedding fic that doesn't end with all the guests bowing to their new king and queen.

I never really thought about Motoki and Mamoru's friendship being affected by Mamoru's alter-ego before. This was a nice view into Motoki's mind.
Review by preshrunken 2005-10-14

Wow Dejana. Way to go on making something as happy and exciting as a wedding to be so sad and depressing. I really enjoyed the tone and pace of this story. I also loved how you approached this at a different angle. I'm glad you decided to submit this story because I otherwise wouldn't have had the pleasure of reading it. =)

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