Vignette Collection: It Was Pudding by December

Fandom:Teen Titans Rating:G
Created:2007-08-16 Modified:2007-08-16
Summary:A moment in the kitchen. A RobRae vignette for an alphabet challenge P is for Pudding.
It Was Pudding

She had walked into the room to make tea when she noticed him. He was staring at a greenish blue blob thing. And he looked as if he was deep in the throws of a mystery or a case. He’d stare at it, turn the plate, and stare again. What was the boy wonder up to now?

“What is that?” she asked as she too studied the strange…thing on the plate.

“Pudding,” was Robin’s reply.

“How?” she found herself asking.

Robin ran his hand through his hair. “I’m not sure. It’s something Starfire made. It’s supposed to celebrate the Feast of the Glockenhammer or something like that. I stopped short of asking what was in it.”

“Does she expect us to eat it?”

“No. Just me – I think.”

Raven merely shook her head as she left Robin to study the alien pudding. Pulling together the things to make tea, she felt more than saw that Robin’s attention had turned from the blob to her.

“Why two cups?” he asked her as she put the kettle on the burner.

Merely raising an eyebrow at their leader as she turned to face him, she said, “If you eat any of that, you’ll need something to settle your stomach.”

Not wanting to dwell on her gesture or leave the space open for any kind of offer, Raven walked toward the door to retrieve her newest book while waiting for the water to heat. As she reached the door, she heard a quiet, “Thanks, Raven.”

She would have smiled at that. If she smiled all that often.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2007-08-21

^.^ That was cute. I've always loved that fact that despite how hard she tries, Raven is really sweet.

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